What you should do when you get a new iPhone?
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What will you do if you get a new iPhone? Taking pictures? Buy a new and cool case for the brand new iPhone? Actually, there are dozens of things you need to learn, especially when it is your first iPhone. You need to start with the basics before you become an iPhone pro.

1.Install iTunes

This is does not ask you to install iTunes on your iPhone but on your computer. If you are using Mac, you don’t need to do so because iTunes comes pre-installed witch Mac system. If you have a Windows PC, please download and install iTunes before you using your iPhone. iTunes is not only something that organize your music. It stores your video, photos, apps and any other things from your iPhone. Remember to sync your iPhone timely, and automatic syncing is recommended, in case of contacts, notes, photos loss. You can restore your iPhone with the iTunes backup file.

2.Create Apple ID

An Apple ID is a must, because if you want buy music from iTunes store or apps from App Store, you got to have an Apple ID. It is meaningless to have an iPhone if you cannot take advantage of hundreds of thousands of amazing apps. You can use this Apple ID an account for your iMessage, iCloud, Find My iPhone, or Facetime.

3.Configure iCloud

iCloud makes Using iPhone much easier especially when you've got more than one computer or mobile device that has your music, apps, or other data on it. iCloud collects a lot of features together into a single tool, including the ability to back up your data to Apple's servers and re-install it over the Internet with one click or automatically sync data across devices. ICloud also allows you to redownload anything you've bought at the iTunes Store, so even if you lose or delete them, your purchases are never truly gone. And it's free!

4.Enable “Find My iPhone”

Find My iPhone is a feature of iCloud which allows you use the iPhone's built-in GPS to pinpoint its location on a map. This is crucial if you have lost your iPhone or your iPhone got stolen. Because you can locate it down to the part of the street it's on, which can be important information to give to the police if you're trying to recover a stolen phone.

5.Prepare a Third Party Data Recovery Software

Nothing is worse than accidental data loss in the world for iPhone users. And Worse still, iTunes and iCloud are not as reliable as you have expected. If your iTunes or iCloud backup file is corrupted, restoring from backup file becomes impossible. Fortunately, there are dozens of software which can export data from your iPhone, or from iTunes, iCloud backup file. In this way, you don’t need to worry about data overlapping and permanent data erasing. iFonebox is such kind of software which performs excellently. You can download a free trial version to have a try before you decide to pay for the full version.
What you should do when you get a new iPhone?
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)