What should you do before updating to iOS 8.4?
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It is no secret that we have been always expecting everything that Apple brings to the market, the new version of iOS which will land on Monday or Tuesday is no exception. We would like to share some useful tips that should come in handy on the iOS 8.4 release day for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple unveiled its music streaming service Apple Music on WWDC 2015. Apple Music and a new Music application will come with iOS 8.4 to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users all over the world. The Apple Music release date is set for June 30th so does the iOS 8.4 releasing. Now let’s take some time to prepare for the iOS 8.4 release and think about whether you want the iOS 8.4 update right away.

Get familiar with iOS 8.4 and iOS 8.3

It is highly recommended to get familiar with iOS 8.3 before installing the software because there are actually some big changes on board including some tweaks to the Emoji keyboard. iOS 8.4 is replacing iOS 8.3 but that doesn’t mean iOS 8.3’s features are just going to vanish with iOS 8.4’s arrival. No, the big changes that iOS 8.3 introduced to the iPhone and iPad will be on board the iOS 8.4 update which means right now is a great time to get caught up with them if you haven’t already.

Be prepared for a downgrading to iOS 8.3

If you do decide to install the iOS 8.4 update, you should know that there will be a way for you to drop back down to iOS 8.3 if the update doesn’t meet your standards. You won’t be able to drop back down to anything older than iOS 8.3 so you’ll really want to be sure about iOS 8.4.The process is only going to be open for a limited time and it’s going to be fairly involved so you’ll want to research the process before you install the iOS 8.4 update.

Put Aside Some Time for iOS 8.4 Updating

It is rumored that the iOS 8.4 updating will be fairly sizable and bigger than your standard incremental update. So it will take quite a time to download and install.You’d better set aside extra time to ensure the installation goes smoothly unless your Wi-Fi connection is fast enough. You also need to put aside some time in case of running into problems with the software installation. Apple’s servers can sometimes get slammed and a few times it has taken us well over an hour to get an update up and running. Put aside 30 minutes at least so that you can install the update properly and handle any issues that pop up.

What If There Are iOS 8.4 Problems

No updating is flawless. Even if there is going to be problems about iOS 8.4 but there’s no need to panic. If iOS 8.4 arrives with big issues, Apple will likely address them soon after the release. If you encounter smaller bugs though, you’ll have to be proactive after the release. We’re still not sure if the company has an iOS 8.4.1 update up its sleeve or not. Even if it does, there’s no guarantee it will fix your problems. So, again, take a look at those fixes and poke around for others ahead of the iOS 8.4 release. One thing I need to mention is that you must create a backup for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch before getting started for the update. If you lose data during the updating process, you can use iFonebox to recover from iTunes/iCloud backup. If data loss happens after the iOS 8.4 updating, you can recover directly from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iFonebox.
What should you do before updating to iOS 8.4?
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)