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Transfer all the data, including messages from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 6 with IOS data recovery tool iFonebox.

What should you do before transfering all the data on iPhone 3GS to iPhone 6?
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 transfering all the data on iPhone 3GS to iPhone
“I have an antique iPhone 3GS with the latest OS which that phone supports. I want to transfer ALL my data from the old phone to a new iPhone 6 including all SMS (many thousands) and contacts and Apps and their data. I assumed this would be straight forward but I asked in an Apple store and the person said that this upgrade is not guaranteed to work – it works sometimes and not other times. Can someone tell me if there is a reliable away for doing this? I really don't want to lose the SMS's.”

I came across this asking-for-help post from a tech forum. There is officially-suggested way to transfer all the data from the old iPhone to a new iPhone 6. That is to sync your old iPhone 3gs to iTunes and then restore the iTunes backup file to your new iPhone 6. All the data on your iPhone 3gs will be transferred. But, wait, as you see from the post, even Apple staff cannot guarantee you it will work as you're asking, as there is always something that goes wrong at some stage with someone, though that is exactly how it was designed to work.

And worse still, if you choose to upgrade all your data from iPhone 3gs to iPhone 6, the data on your iPhone 6 (if you have unfolded and used it) will be overwritten and can never be back.

Now that the data on the old iPhone 3gs is so important, especially the messages, why don’t have another backup? And thus, you need some data extracting and recovering software. Auntec’s iFonebox is such kind of application to help. It can extract a dozen of data types including Contacts, Notes, Reminders, Messages, Messages Attachment, Photos and Voice Memos etc and even recover deleted data from your IOS devices for transferring to your PC for another backup. And in this way, your messages will be double secured and no worry to lose them at all.

This iFonebox is presently available for both Mac and Windows. You can free download the trial version to have a try. You need to buy the full version to transfer the iPhone 3gs data to your Pc for backup.

Follow the steps below to learn how to extract the data, for example, the messages from iPhone and transfer to PC.

Step1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and Launch the iFonebox

Get your iPhone 3GS hooked up to your computer and then started the full version of iFonebox.And hit the bottom button of “Start”.
mode one
Step2: Choose the Messages and Messages Attachment

Click the icon of Messages or Messages Attachment to begin the data scanning. step two

Step3: Preview and Transfer

Now you will be presented with the interface of messages list, even the deleted ones will be listed too. Click the button of “Recover to PC” to transfer all the messages to your computer. transfer_recover
What should you do before transfering all the data on iPhone 3GS to iPhone 6?
1 vote, 1.00 avg. rating (42% score)

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