Top New Features of iPhone 6s
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It is always worth waiting for the new iPhone model. Finally, the most recent generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus finally becomes reality. After months of leaks and rumors, there are not much surprise. Still, there are fascinating new features worth a deeper dive and looking forward to.

3D Touch

Using a combination of new display hardware and some smart software, Apple’s new iPhones are able to recognize three levels of touch pressure. This allows the user to perform different actions based on the amount of pressure applied with a tap.

The new peek and pop gestures are two examples. Press lightly on a tap target in an app and you’ll get a peek at whatever it leads to. Press harder and the app will pop open a new screen. Firmer touches and swipes also trigger various gestures — for example, a firm swipe in from the left edge of the screen will swipe the current app away and switch back to the previous app.Apple’s taptic engine for more precise vibration feedback, just like the Apple Watch are also included.

Better cameras

Focusing on improving photo quality rather than bumping up the megapixel count, Apple’s new rear camera on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is a 12-megapixel unit that Apple says is a big improvement over last year’s model. The new unit features better optics and it can record 4K video as well.The front-facing camera has been upped to 5 megapixels, and it supports full HD video as well as selfie panoramas.

Hey Siri

Falling squarely in the “new to iOS but not really new” category is the iPhone 6s’ new Hey Siri feature. With a new setting enabled, Siri will always be listening for the “hey Siri” trigger, even when the iPhone’s display is off. Earlier iPhone models have a similar feature, but the phone needs to be plugged in for Siri to listen while the screen is off. Anytime the user wants to ask a question, open an app, set a reminder or do anything else Siri is capable of on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, all he or she needs to do is say “hey Siri” and then speak the command, and Siri will abide.

A new color

Some Apple fans were skeptical of Apple’s decision to introduce a gold color option last year, but now you see gold iPhones everywhere. This year, Apple is keeping the same gold tone from the iPhone 6, but also adding a new rose gold color for the iPhone 6s.
Top New Features of iPhone 6s
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