Online Help

If you have any question or problem about our products, follow the steps below:

Make sure you are using the latest version.
Please read the FAQ before asking the technical support for help.
Contact if your problem can not be solved yet. We will reply as soon as possible.

  • Order number
  • Version number of the software
  • Details of your trouble
  • Information of your device and operation system
  • What are the differences between trial version and retail version?

    There are a little differences between the lost or deleted data that display in the program. With Free trial version, you cannot see full found data on iOS device, just parts of them. Also, you cannot recover deleted or lost data via Free trial version. So, if you want to recover your data, you need to buy the retail version.

  • Do you provide technical support for trial users?

    Yes, if a trial user meets any technical problem when using our product, please tell us your question via Our support team will answer your question within 24 hours.

  • How to purchase your product and how soon will receive the license code after purchase?

    A: Browse to the page of the product you’d like to purchase on our website. Click Buy now and step through the purchase flow. You will receive the register code by Email immediately after a successful purchase.

    Tip: Please provide us your valid Email address when you fill the personal information form. Please keep well registration information of the software you received for further use.

  • Why I didn’t receive the register code for several hours after my purchase? Several reasons as below:

    1. Your E-mail service provider rejects E-mail from unknown senders, so the registration code cannot be sent to you.
    2. Because of your E-mail setting, the letter with license code went to Trash directly. Please look for the letter there.
    3. You provided invalid E-mail address when you ordered the software.
    Please contact our support team to get assistance.

  • I entered the license code you sent to me, but the software said “Registration info is invalid”. Why?

    There are several possible reasons for the failed registration. So please make sure the following points:
    a. There is no space in the beginning or at the end of the code; otherwise the code is recognized as an invalid code.
    b. Don’t mix up the Windows and Mac version products. Please note that they are completely two different products and get different license code for each own.
    c. One license code can be only used on one computer. So if you use it to another computer, it will be invalid.

  • Can I use the same registration code on different computers?

    The ifonebox is licensed per computer. That is, one registration code is unique for one computer. If you buy a single license, you can only use the registration code on one computer.

  • How many devices can a license code support?

    One license code supportive to recover data from at most 3 iOS devices on one computer. And as to backup files, iFonebox can detect and display three backup files according to your serial numbers.

  • I have ever purchased your Windows software and now I changed my PC to Mac. Can I install this software onto my Mac? Or can you send me a Mac version?

    All of our software are platform-independent ones but not cross-platform. So a Windows software cannot be installed onto a Mac computer and vice versa. Please kindly contact with our support team at Discount will be available for a second purchase.

  • When the updated version comes out, can I update it for free?

    Registered users are provided with free updates for lifetime. We have been devoting ourselves in upgrading the software all the time and providing free update service.