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iPhone contacts lost after iOS 9 can be recovered easily after iOS 9 update. iFonebox can recover your contacts lost due to updating to iOS 9 selectively with iFonebox.

What is the easiest way to retrieve lost iPhone contacts after iOS 9 update?
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (88% score)

 retrieve lost iPhone contacts after iOS 9 update There are a lot of reasons for iPhone contacts losing including deleting by mistake, updating your iPhone to the latest iOS 9, and iPhone crashes etc. Among them, contacts lost due to iOS updating is the most frustrated, because contacts lost while updating to iOS 9 is totally wiped out without any trace or any good reason. Thus it is hard to retrieve the contacts lost due to iOS 9 update.

Thankfully, you can retrieve the lost iPhone contacts caused by the iOS 9 updating from iTunes or iCloud backup file. And retrieve contacts lost from iTunes or iCloud backup file is easy enough if you can turn a blind eye to the risk of data overwriting and permanent erasing.

Actually, you can not afford ignoring the hazard of data wiping caused by restoring iPhone from backup file. If you choose to get back your lost contacts by restoring your iPhone from previous iTunes backup file, data generated since you sync your iPhone to iTunes last time will be overwritten and deleted for good.

Similarly, restoring from iCloud backup result in the same problem, as it asks to erase all the content and settings before you choose an iCloud backup file to restore the lost contacts.

iFonebox which is specialized iPhone data recovery software, can get rid of risk abovementioned and recover lost iPhone contacts after the iOS 9 update without losing anything. Since your contacts lost after the iOS 9 update has been completely deleted from y our iPhone, you can only try to recover the iPhone contacts lost due to iOS 9 updating from your iTunes backup file provided that you have one.

You can download a free trial version to have a try before you decide to pay for the full version.

Here I am going to show you how to recover the lost iPhone contacts from iTunes backup file easily and transfer back to your iPhone with iFonebox.

Step 1: Install the full version of iFonebox and get it started. Then choose the recovery mode of Recover from iTunes Backup. There will be an interface listing all the iTunes backup file on your computer prompted. Choose one from which you want to recover your lost iPhone contacts.

Note: You have to make sure you do have synced your iPhone to iTunes and created an iTunes backup file. If you cannot find the iTunes backup file from the list click the bottom button “Select more” to locate it anywhere else on your computer. iTunes

Step 2: Choose contacts to recover by clicking on the related icon for your address book. In this way, you can selectively recover the lost contacts. icloud-data-preview

Step 3: Preview at the recovered contacts and choose whatever you want to transfer back to your iPhone. Besides, you can do some editing work on the exported contacts if you prefer before transferring to iPhone.
What is the easiest way to retrieve lost iPhone contacts after iOS 9 update?
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (88% score)

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