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Update to IOS 8.2 may cause Reminders loss, and iFonebox can help you recover lost Reminders back to your iPhone, iPad and iPod through iTues backup.

How to recover Reminders lost during updating to iOS 8.2?
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recover Reminders lost during updating to iOS 8.2
This is an age of fast growth and huge information, and we are not able to remember everything even if it is important such as the board meeting date, the examination day, family member’s birthday and even your flight time etc. Fortunately enough, we can put them down with the iPhone Apps Notes. We can mark them with different colors and with alarms or notifications. So you don’t need to worry about forgetting your wife’s birthday, you child’s graduation ceremony or missing flight or being late for an important meeting with clients.

Things turn to be a tragedy when you choose to update to the latest iOS 8.2. Your life messed up when you found you lost all your Reminders after you finishing the iOS 8.2 updating.

Is there any way to recover the 8.2 update-caused Reminders lost? The answer is yes. But there is a prerequisite; you must have a iTunes or icloud backup file for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod etc. Since you have lost the Reminders on your iPhone, iPad or iPod due to the 8.2 updating, you need to recover them from iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

You can have a  try with a free download trial version of iFonebox. If you want to recover the lost Notes on to your computer, you need to buy a registered version.

Step 1: Start off the iFonebox and choose Recovery Mode

Install and start the full version of the iFonebox. Click “Recover from iTunes Backup”and then the software will ask you to choose the backup you want to recover. Once you made the backup in the computer that iFonebox installed, all the backup will be displayed in the interface. Click the button of “Select”to choose a backup file. iTunes

If you cannot find the backup file you want or the backup file does not show, you can click the button of "Select More" to locate your backup files from other locations.

Step 2: Choose “Reminders”

The interface below will show you all the information types that can be recovered, click on the icon of Reminders to preview the Reminders. step two

Step 3: Scan and Recover

Then all the Reminders will be listed on the interface below. You can check whatever you want to recover. reminders_recover
How to recover Reminders lost during updating to iOS 8.2?
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (88% score)

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