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iFonebox recovers lost Contacts, Notes, Reminders, and Messages etc owing to the IOS 8.2 update on Mac.

How to recover lost data caused by updating to iOS 8.2 on Mac?
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recover lost data caused by updating to iOS 8.2 on Mac
Apple launched the iOS 8.2 a couple of weeks ago, and it is the biggest iOS 8 upgrade yet. It does fixing some problems, and bugs remain as many as it used to be. Quite a number of people posted and complained that the update had caused data loss. They were filled with expectation of getting problems solved only to find that things were end up with precious data loss.

Actually, I haven’t seen much experience improvement with iOS 8.2, I doubt that Apple continued down a path with the update by making no guarantee of data security which worried quite a number of users.

This does not mean there is no way to get the lost data back. So long as you have synced and backed your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch up to iTunes/iCloud, all you need is an iOS recovery application. iFonebox is a preferred choice.

With iFonebox, you are able to recover lost Contacts,Notes, Reminders, Photoes, Messages, and Messages Attachment, Safari Bookmarks, and Voice Memos from iTunes/iCloud backup file on your Mac. You can not only export Contacts and Notes back from iTunes to your Mac but also to transfer them directly back to your iOS devices.

You can download the trial version for free to have a try, but you need to purchase a full version if you want to get the lost data due to iOS 8.2 update back to your Mac.

Now let’ s get started to get the lost data back on a Mac.

Step 1: Launch the iFonebox and choose Recovery Mode

Install and launch the full version of the iFonebox. Click “Recover from iTunes Backup”and then the software will ask you to choose the backup you want to extract. Once you made the backup in the computer that iFonebox installed, all the backup will be displayed in the interface. Click the button of “Select”to choose the one you want to recover lost data. iTunes

Step2: Step 2: Choose Datatype

The interface below will show you all the information types, for example, Photos, that can be recovered, click on the icon of Photos to preview.

Notes: You can also check the top right button to recover all the information you have backed up. step two

Step3: Preview and Recover

Then all the Contacts or notes, or whatever else will be listed on the interface below. You can check whatever you want to recover to your Mac.

Notes: You can check the top left button to show all the data you have chosen or selectively show the deleted data only. photos_recover
How to recover lost data caused by updating to iOS 8.2 on Mac?
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (82% score)

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