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Once you find that there is data loss after you update to IOS 8.3, you need to recover the lost data with iFonebox to your device directly or to computer for backup.

How to recover lost data caused by updating to iOS 8.3 from iTunes?
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recover lost data caused by updating to iOS 8.3 from iTunes
Apple has updated iOS to version 8.3, and while the large update doesn’t bring any major new features, it offers a massive list of bug fixes and performance improvements, by far the most of any update to iOS 8 so far. You can download the update via Settings > General > Software Update, or through iTunes.

Whenever an update for an iOS comes out, it generally adds some new features and squashes serious bugs, and, unfortunately, it can also introduce new problems. And one sucks the most must be the data loss after updating to iOS 8.3.

The most common solution is to restore everything from iTunes Backup file which is formed by syncing your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to iTunes. But it worth noting not to use your iOS device in case new data produced will be overwritten and erased forever.

Now you may understand that iTunes does not allow you to selectively recover the lost data, such the Contacts, Notes, Messages, Calendar, Photos and etc. from iTunes backup file and instead you can only restore the entire backup file to your IOS device.

Therefore, if you want to recover from iTunes backup file the lost Contacts, Notes, Calendar, Whatsapp, Messages or whatever kind of messages only to your device or computer rather than restoring everything, you need iFonebox, which is a great IOS data recovery application, to recover the lost data for extracting and transferring.

Here are detailed steps for you to recover lost data selectively from iTunes backup file.

Step 1: Install and run the full version of the iFonebox

Install the registered version of iFonebox and get it started and then choose recovery mode by clicking on “Recover from iTunes Backup”. And then you will be presented with the interface below asking you to choose the iTunes backup file for your device.iTunes

Step 2: Choose the data you want to recover

After you have selected the iTunes backup file, you need to select the data you want to recover, or you can check “Recover All” to recover all the data that iFonebox supports. step two

Step3: Preview and Recover

Now you can preview the data you want to recover, and you may do some modifications to your Contacts, Notes, and Reminders, etc and then save it for new backup. notes_recover

I believe the best way to prevent data loss happening, or at least prevent you from panic after data loss is to have physical backup on your PC or Mac, especially the important data like Contacts, Photos, and Messages etc. So the third party data recovery and extraction software is of great necessity, since it can complement what iTunes cannot do.
How to recover lost data caused by updating to iOS 8.3 from iTunes?
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (88% score)

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