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Recover Contacts only from old iPhone through iCloud backup file to new iPhone 6 Plus, you need to download iFonebox which can help you extract the Contacts only from your iCloud backup file and transfer back to your new iPhone 6 Plus directly.

How to recover the contacts only to my new iPhone 6 Plus from iCloud backup?
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 recover the contacts only to my new iPhone 6 Plus from iCloud backup iCloud is an online service from Apple that syncs your data between devices and includes an online copy of your data. This includes your photos, contacts, Notes, reminders, a variety of other files and data. This service also lets you check your calendar, find a lost iPhone and more. One of the most popular reasons to use iCloud is to back up your iPhone or iPad to iCloud. When you do this, you can restore an iCloud backup that puts your apps, data and other information back on your iPhone without the need to use a computer.

What if you don’t want to bring all the stuff down to your new iDevice, say, iPhone 6 Plus, and you just want the Contacts only, and leave all the other information or files backed up and transferred to computer. You would like to have something mew on your brand new iPhone 6 Plus and refuse to have the bulk of old data or files kept on the new iPhone. iCloud may not be able to help much. But that does not mean it is impossible or complicated to do so. All what you need is a data extracting application.

iFonebox is software of this kind. It is professional data recovery, extraction software for IOS devices users, which is capable of handling Contacts, Notes, Calendar, Messages, Photos, Voice Memos, Call History and Safari Bookmarks recovering, extracting and transferring from not only IOS devices but also iTunes/iCloud backup files to PC or Mac.

Restore the contacts only to your new iPhone 6 Plus is dead easy with iFonebox, and I am going to show you how with detailed steps.

Backup your old iPhone to iCloud

If you choose to use iCloud backup your iPhone or iPad will automatically backup to iCloud when it is connected to WiFI, it is charging and it is locked. For most users this means there is an iCloud backup of their iPhone or iPad that is at most a day old because it will back up when it is charging at night.
Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Backup -> iCloud Backup On to turn this on. You can also perform a manual backup by tapping Back Up Now.

The first backup will take a long time, but future iCloud backups may take only a few minutes.

Restore Contacts to the new iPhone 6 Plus

Step 1: Launch iFonebox and Choose Recovery Mode

Install and set off iFonebox and you will see the interface asking you to choose recovery mode. Click to choose “Recover from iCloud Backup”, and you are brought to an interface asking sign in with your Apple ID. You will be presented with a list of iCloud backup file for different IOS devices, choose the right iCloud backup file to download. iCloud

Step 2: Choose Data

You may check the box of “Select All” to download the backup file including all the data that iFonebox is capable of extracting so that you can restore all the information to your PC for a physical and readable backup on your computer or you can choose to download the Contacts only which is all up to you. The downloading may take quite a while depending how much stuff you would like to bring down to your computer and then your new iPhone 6 Plus. icloud-data-preview

Step 3: Preview and Transfer

Once the downloading finishes, you can choose Contacts to extract and before the restoring, you can edit the Contacts as you like. Hit the bottom right button of “Recover to Device” to transfer the extracted Contacts to your iPhone 6 Plus. icloud_contacts

Note: Make sure you have got your iPhone 6 Plus connected to your computer.
How to recover the contacts only to my new iPhone 6 Plus from iCloud backup?
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (82% score)

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