Post a video review about iFonebox to win free video converting software!

To learn more about how our iFonebox helps customers in regard to recovering lost data for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, we would like to launch this campaign of video review for free software. So we can share iFonebox using experience with more people who run into the trouble of losing or carelessly deleting data from iOS devices.

What kind of video should you record?

It is sort of self-timer video which doesn’t need to be long or complex. All you need to do is to record a video comment about iFonebox or how iFonebox has recovered your data. It would be terrific if you can show in the video.

How can I send you the video?

You can transfer the video to us through to

1. Enter the Address

2. Fill up Required Information

3. Transfer

When will you get the free video converting software?

When we receive your video we will send you the download link together with the registration code to your email address you provide us.

What kind of software we are going to send you for free after you send us the video?

We are going to offer Video Converter, MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac, TransMXF, and Final Mate.

If you want other converting software, please refer to for more information and let us know what you want.

Come on and post your video review to share your data recovering experience with iFonebox
and win video converting software to extend how you view videos of different formats!