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You might come across some troubles when you try to restore your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from iTunes backup file, here we would like to share some solutions to shoot these troubles.

The most common questions of restoring iOS devices from iTunes backup and the solutions
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 restoring iOS devices from iTunes backup and the solutions
If you unfortunately lose data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or you want to bring things on your older iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your new ones, you may choose to restore from your iTunes backup file provided that you have synced your device to iTunes. Things, however, don’t always perform the way you have been expecting. Chances are, some problems may come upon you.

No available backup file for your device to be selected.

If you cannot find the backup file for your device, make sure whether you have synced the device to iTunes and made the backup file for your device or check whether you have made the backup file on the computer you presently get your device plugged into or you are using the right iTunes account. Also, there is another condition that prevents you from selecting the backup file is that your device has an earlier version of iOS than what you used when you made the backup.

Keep getting alert or error.

You can try rebooting the computer, if you cannot restore the data from the iTunes backup file you previously made. If the restart does not work, check whether you have the latest version of iTunes. Lower version of iTunes may cause the abortion of restoring. Then, try updating, configuring, disabling, or uninstalling security software on your computer.

The backup file is encrypted.

The key to encrypted backup file is the password. The password is terribly important for the encrypted backup file, for you cannot use the backup file to restore if you don’t have the password. Or you can only use the earlier backup file or iCloud backup file to restore as long as you have such kind of things.

Backup file corrupted.

The backup file, occasionally would be corrupted with no apparent reason before you know it, and thus some data of your device, say, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in the iTunes backup file would be impossible to read, let alone being transferred, as iTunes does not allow you to transfer part of the backup file.

You can either choose to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from iCloud backup file, or select an earlier backup file. If you are trying to restore data of an older iPhone, for example, iPhone 5 to the most current iPhone 6, resyncing your iPone 5 to iTunes may be another alternative.

In case that part of the backup file would be corrupted and there is no way to transfer the uncorrupted data selectively, you can backup certain data to your PC or Mac with third party data extracting and transferring software. iFonebox is software of this kind. You can extract Contacts, Notes, Calendars, Reminders, Photos, Voice Memos, and Messages etc and transfer them to computer for backup. And what’s more, with iFonebox, you are able to selectively restore the Contacts and Notes only to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Here are the detailed steps:

1. Run the full version of iFonebox and choose the recovery mode of “Recover from IOS Devices”, and then get your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch plugged into your computer; mode one

2. Choose the supported data which you would like to extract or you can tap “Recover All” to extract all the data that iFonebox supports. step two

3. Preview the data that you selectively choose to extract and do some modifications before the transferring. If you choose Recover All, there will be no data list interface but an interface asking you to locate a folder for the extracted data (or you can simply transfer to the default folder) together with a progress bar. notes_recover If you have questions about making backup with iTunes, please refer to What should you do when you cannot backup your iPhone with iTunes?
The most common questions of restoring iOS devices from iTunes backup and the solutions
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (88% score)

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