iOS 8.4 Common issues and the correspondent solutions
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A lot of users are complaining about the latest iOS version release due to the various bugs that accompany it; from installation to messaging. Jordan Kelly, contributor of Forbes even claimed it to be a frustrating release as well as a dangerous upgrade. Most of the problems resulting from iOS 8.4 update are quite easy to deal with while others can persist. In this post, we are going to show you how to get rid of some of the troubles you might ran into after updating to iOS 8.4.

iDevice Cannot Sync Through iTunes

Much often than not, this is caused by the out-of-date version of your iTunes, you need to update to the latest version of iTunes.

Get Stuck In the Process of Updating

An easy fix for this is to hold down the power and home button until the mobile phone or tablet restarts. Note that should it would take at least a 10-second hold to queue the restart. After the reboot, installation of the iOS 8.4 can resume.

iMessages Malfunction

If your iMessage does not function properly after the update, try switching the feature off and on. Navigate to Settings>> Messages>> toggle iMessage. Another fix is to reboot the iOS device, and if that failed to work then perform a quick reboot of the network settings by heading over to Settings>> General>>Reset>> Reset Network Settings. The device will reboot and forget your network connection, so make sure that you have all the details for it.

Wi-Fi Connectively Problems

A basic fix is to reset the wifi network setting by going to Settings>> General>> Reset Network Settings. You can also forget each network connectivity. Navigate to Settings>> Wi-Fi>> select your connection>> tap on Forget this Network. Now try reconnecting to check if it is working. If the resolution noted above failed to work, then try rebooting your router and modem. Unplug them for a while then plug them back. You can also update your router's firmware.

Battery Consumption

The crazy thing about the iOS 8.4 is it affects battery life. The majority of reported instances involved Apple Music users. These issues usually disappear once the software settles down within a few days of the update.

Accidental Data Loss

Accidental data loss is unavoidable. Worse still, data lost in the process of operating system updating cannot be recovered as it is overwritten and permanently deleted from your iDevice rather than being deleted simply. So you’d better create a backup for the important data like contacts, notes, messages, call history, reminders, calendars, voice memo and photos etc with third party software like iFonebox which is specialized iOS data recovery software and is capable of recovering and transferring data form iDevice, iTunes and iCloud backup. I am not suggesting syncing with iTunes or backing up to iCloud because iTunes or iCloud backup file are not as trustworthy as you have expected. Once the backup file is corrupted, there is no way to retrieve your lost data at all.
iOS 8.4 Common issues and the correspondent solutions
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (82% score)