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  • Ellie Franckle

    iFonebox worked very sufficiently!

    We searched "best recommended apps to extract messages from IPhone" and we saw your app for the PC pop up first! It worked very sufficiently!

  • Angela Ransom

    iFonebox did what I needed. Helpful.

    Your software did do what I needed.  I had to swap to using an older iPhone  while the screen was replaced on my new one. I kept using the other phone for a few days and ended up with a whole lot of text messages I didn't want to lose. But I also wanted to keep the messages on my new phone. Your software let me merge the texts from both phones using the backups. Yay! Thanks!! Very happy. 

  • arLes

    iFonebox is fast and friendly to use.

    The user interface is really fastly, friendly and easy to understand.. i bought in past others software, but how i write now, your ifonebox is the only one able to recover wechat data, the others dont do that!. I really like your software because is really fast to make icloud download and to match data after downloading and my notebook isnt become crazy with fan or ram system performance to highly to recover data and that happend before, during and after scanning icloud backup. Compare other software as "Fonelab" and not only "Fonelab" (i've tested so many software for do that), they make my system performance highly used and my fan become crazy before and after scanning and they have slowly user interface and much times they will crash unexpectedly himself and i spent usless my time...

  • frank.hoffmann

    It works fine

    iFonebox works fine and it helped me.

  • Jake Wilks

    iFonebox is helpful.

    I will be sure to recommend your software as its the best I've found and u have been so very helpful with costumer support. 

  • Bleys Albion

    iFonebox solved my problem

    You may be happy to know that your program has already met my expectations and did what I needed it to with a minimum of effort. I will recommend it to anyone seeking similar results to mine. Rest assured I will keep you informed about any issues that I encounter, or any features I may desire.

  • Marc Smith

    iFonebox helped to recover photos and other data.

    I used your software to recover data that somehow would not load back onto my iPhone 6S upon upgrading to iOS 9.3.  I was able to recover all of my pictures and other data.  I "Liked" your Facebook page and will share your page later tonight.

  • Charles

    iFonebox is very user friendly and effective.

    The iFonebox software is very user friendly and was very effective in migrating/transferring data contained on my We Chat app to my home PC in orderly format/s (e.g. xls, HTML). I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is not very IT liberate as the best data migration/transfer software that I have ever seen!

  • matar alkhatri

    I haven't got any problem extracting my lost data from this amazing tool.

    Really appreciate you for helping me getting my things back. I don't know how ifonebox could bring the deleted data back even though I haven't backed them up before I loose them. Again thank you very much for such an amazing tool. 

  • Samantha Smith

    Your product worked great!!

    My boss was ecstatic that we were able to recover all of his notes that had been deleted.  He was so happy he even bought me a bottle of champagne for getting it fixed with your software!  Thank you so much it worked like a dream!  I’m happy to know it is out there if I ever need something like this for my own phone.

  • Veronique Bise

    Retrieve iOS 9 update notes

    Just purchased your application to retrieve my notes from iOS 9.2 update losing all my notes and it worked (hallelujah!).

  • Wal Glynn

    Amazing software!

    When I upgraded my iPhone 6 and my iPads to IOS 9.2 I lost about 80% of my  Notes information. Your software was excellent in recovering all of these notes!

  • matar alkhatri

    I haven't got any problem extracting my lost data from this amazing tool.

    Really appreciate you for helping me getting my things back. I don't know how ifonebox could bring the deleted data back even though I haven't backed them up before I loose them. Again thank you very much for such an amazing tool.

  • David Howel

    Thank you for an excellent product

    I had no problems purchasing, downloading or installing it all went very smoothly. I have found Ifonebox very straightforward to use and it found my notes without a problem which I had completely lost after updating El Capitan on my Imac and IOS 9 on my ipad and iphone 6.

  • Kunze Markus

    The recovery of the contact data in my case worked out fine.

    My wife is very happy and luckily not as upset with me for losing these data during the iCloud installation in the first place.

  • Alan Davidson

    Excellent program

    This most probably the best program to recover lost file on your Iphone I have tried, and believe I have tried them all. This is the best. Great support also.

  • Dave Clark

    So far the software is working well.

    I am using it to ensure recovery of data from an iPhone before cleaning it off for an upgrade. A feature that would be nice would be the ability to transfer images to another iOS device, but recovering to a file works fine.


    Fast and effective.

    I encountered no problem using the program, it was fast and effective – and it should be, at that price.

  • Hunkar Julie


    It was easy to use and did recover my accidentally deleted texts

  • Singh

    Will definitely recommend.

    Thank you very much for your help, the software has worked perfectly and saved me a lot of headache and hassle.

  • Scott tiger


    This is really brilliant tool. I got all my lost notes back after ios9 upgrade. Really pleased with this.

  • Sam Schultz

    Your program does that.

    Thanks, I used your software successfully to recover contacts that were deleted from my phone. I actually purchased another program first (cool something) and it did not work. My problem was that I did not have an iTunes backup file, so I had to have something that could access the phone directly.


    iFonebox iPhone Data Recovery Software to Recover Your Valuable Data from iPhone, iTunes or iCloud

    iFonebox is one of the best and easiest iPhone/iPad/iPod data recovery software.This powerful software works in three different methods: it recovers data from iDevice, from iTunes and from iCloud. Moreover, it can work with Mac and Windows computers as well. iFonebox has its own advantages you can avail of. The software is updated and with its latest version, you can also download your WhatsApp attachments and messages; for WhatsApp lovers, it’s a must! Apart from this, several bugs have been fixed so that your Jailbroken devices can also function without any hitch.

  • Pam Humphries

    Your application is superb

    I lost all my contacts but got them back successfully, so I am a very happy bunny!!

  • Graham Clinton

    iFonebox worked great for us

    We had a load of videos on honeymoon that were lost in a corrupt iTunes backup and it retrieved them perfectly, so a very good purchase all round!

  • Steven Ottenstein


    It did what i needed it to do. it recovered notes from iphone 6. Thanks

  • Nicholas Cechak

    I had a great experience with iFonebox!

    I was so upset when my iPhone files were corrupted and iTunes never saved any of my backups. Since my backups were encrypted, I never thought I'd get all my photos back - from the entire year of 2015. iFonebox was a lifesaver! Already Tweeted about it :)

  • Clint Gremillion

    You guys are amazing!

    Your iFonebox software worked exactly as described. I have tried several other products that claimed to do the same thing and they did not, so I was very happy to find iFonebox. My father had accidentally deleted multiple files from his iphone and had no backups. (This has convinced him of the importance of backups) These files included some important information and family photos which could not be replaced as the originals had been lost. I found that your product was not expensive, especially compared to the worth of the things we recovered, which are beyond price. Thank you and your team for making something so important and that actually works! I will certainly say great things about you guys on Facebook and Twitter. I hope that you are successful in the future!

  • Christie Kennedy

    GOOD JOB!!!

    Everything was simple and easy to use. I am so thankful for your software. Your program is truly a lifesaver. I have already share on my Facebook.

  • Mr. Awf Al-Khan

    I am really happy with the software.

    I am really happy with the software. I had a problem with iTunes which telling that my phone memory is full and i can not restore my contacts. But with your software I got them back easily.

  • Stewart Meek

    Very happy with iFonebox.

    I retrieved exactly what I was looking for very easily!

  • Frenando

    Pretty software I need it!!!

    As I need pretty much every single week to extract date from Iphone due to my work, I started looking for some software I can do it fast and easily. So, in my search I fortunately have found the \"Ifonebox\" software! I decided to give a vote of confidence in this software and I did not regret ! Ifonebox has helped me a lot in my job and I recommend it to everyone who needs to extract date from Apple phones. As you are able to extract \"Whatsapp\" data, I would like to suggest the Ifonebox team and programmers to add another feature: please, when you get a chance, try to upgrade it to extract data from the application called \"Messenger\" (Facebook app)! Once you have done it, the Ifonebox will be perfect! Thank you very much Best regards, Fernando from Belo Horizonte - Brazil

  • Narai

    its just so awesome and helpful.

    i love it. it helped me recover some videos.

  • David Turner

    Amazing! Saved my iPad data.

    The software worked like a dream as I had mistakenly deleted a rather large file of sms messages from my phone which also deleted them from the iPad. Fortunately, I recovered the iPad sms messages that covered a period of over two years. Many thanks

  • Sidney Jones

    Saved my Voice Memos in iTunes

    Thank you so much! I had been trying to retrieve thousands of voice recordings from a backup of my iphone that wouldnt restore to my new phone. This was the only software i found that actually worked and was to me worth the $62 to be able to save years of work!

  • Robert Mounce-Kartash

    Great Software

    Just used iFonebox to recover a large deleted note file. I took notes over the course of a week during a machinery service to a 250 ton press. iFonebox saved me a ton of time. THX

  • Steve Russo

    Recover data from iCloud

    The program worked great when iCloud was failing, I am very thankful for the product helping me recover all my pictures!

  • Richard Kettlewell

    Fantastic !!!

    My wife had inadvertently deleted 455 contacts. I searched the web to restore info and found ifonebox. I purchased the program and it was just unbelievable. I was able to restore ALL my wifes contacts by using this program. Fantastic program!!! She is so thankful.

  • Beth Devine

    I'll be glad to keep in touch if I need any help.

    So far I have had no issue using iFonebox, it was great at getting my voice memos from my iPhone to my computer.

  • Pasi Pulkkinen

    thank you for your program !! A big thank you!thank you for your program !! A big thank you!

    I'm really pleased !! I got help from Finland to the Apple support, because I had a tape recorder to one of the lost ... But, the program I found them in a few minutes, and now they are in a safe place! I have already recommended the program to date have a few my friend, that will surely come to acquire. These tapes are really important to me! And I've come to Apple through to get them back in 3-4 months, without success. But, now they are to me, thank you for your program !! A big thank you!

  • Venus Mb

    The best recovering app ever

    last week my boss gave me his ipad and asks me to back it up and I did like always. after restoring the back up I was shocked as i find that all of the information especially photos were gone,I panicked and restore it again but no luck ,I'd google it and find 5 apps regarding this matter.I've download all the 5 apps and run them,But ifonebox was the only one that finds the photos and recover them,I can't tell you how grateful I am .

  • Susan Scott

    Great program!

    Thanks.Found my iPhone 6 lost contacts in one easy move. couldn’t find my 6 at all.

  • Paul McKinnon

    iFonebox saved the day

    I am 72 years old and not thoroughly technically adept. I have two iPhones accounts in my name, one of which is operated by my wife. They operate in parallel somehow via iCloud. As a consequence, when I found a lot of strange entries filed in ‘Notes’ on my iPhone, I deleted them only to discover that they belonged to my wife. They were simultaneously deleted from her iPhone as well. This placed me under the hostile attack from a very irate wife. However, iFonebox software saved the day and all of her lost notes were quickly and accurately recovered and re-installed on her iPhone. iFonebox is fast flexible and easy to use, the key criteria for us old blokes.

  • Ana

    This is amazing !!

    Omg thank you very very very much the IFonebox helped me so much!!! It works easily and really well .It's truly amazing I simply loved it!

  • aj lolz

    lol its great no hassle

    i needed tp get mu dads number cause i lost it thansk

  • Bruno Gavillet


    The software did what it was supposed to do and they reach out to me about my experience with iFonebox, impressive.Well done.

  • Guy Booth

    Worth it!

    I ended up purchasing the license and it worked great, really appreciate the great work.

  • Imran khan

    Very good software

    I was do disappointed when I lost some of my notes that I did not deleted my self and I was looking everywhere to find something to recover and than I found ifonebox and I recovered all my notes, it was very helpful and I'll recommend this software

  • Donghyun Kim

    Restore part of Contacts and it is useful.

    I purchased the software to restore contacts that I accidentally deleted. iFonebox restored half of them, (it was iphone 6 plus 128GB so it had plenty of space left) but it was still very helpful - better than nothing right? Anyway thank you for developing the wonderful software. It really saved my day. Thanks!!!

  • G Wheeler

    Recovering Call History

    I bought iFonebox to recover my deleted call history. The program has recovered the history to my PC as an HTML file and it can be viewed in an internet browser.

  • Lotus Tong

    Service is very good and software is easy to use.

    I think your service is very good, by following up after the user bought the software does help, made me feel like a valued customer. Also, it’s easier for me to ask question and your reply was quick. Oh, thanks for explaining to me why the deleted photos couldn't be recovered! Your software is easy to use, plus, you might already know, someone uploaded ‘how to use iFonebox’ video on Youtube, that’s probably why I bought it, as there’s a step to step instruction from the Youtube guy.

  • Dave Ablett


    iFonebox worked immediately, and as far as I can tell, no loss of data. I transferred the videos to my iPad, restored the link to iMovie and my original movie reappeared. I couldn't be more pleased! I would recommend iFonebox to anyone in a similar situation to help you get videos from iTunes Backup. You bet! And the fact that they were ready to assist me even before I purchased the program, speaks volumes. Very much appreciated!

  • Johnny Quinn


    Amazing software, saved me hundreds of euros as i use my phone for work, very easy to use and would recommend to everyone!

  • Lim

    Recover my file

    Love it they help me recover my diary, which I was not able to. I though I loss it forever after talking to apple and tech, For the price I'm paying for the software, this is the best software,very helpfull tech if u need help, they can help. Truly your! Thank you! Thank you! You guys are the greatest.

  • Ian Davies

    Keep up the good work, you deserve to succeed.

    It worked brilliantly – my issue was that I had accidently deleted my Notes whilst messing around with some upgrades. These had become a repository for all manner of items which I had not stored elsewhere or backed up (yes I know!!). I tried a couple of other ‘Goggles’ which were unsuccessful and/or very expensive. Your software worked first time and I know have all my information back, and backed up. Terrific. You will be my first port of call if needs arise in the future.

  • Sally Barker

    Fingers crossed, this will not be the case!

    On Friday I was despairing that I had lost some information which I could not replicate, and was very unsure of what I could actually do. When I found your company’s website, I was particularly pleased that I could actually ‘look’ for the information that I needed to retrieve, without having to buy first, as I was unsure whether or not it would be there. Initially I was rather ‘wary’ of buying, as I was slightly unsure whether I would be encountering any further problems. My problem has been resolved and I also feel more ‘comfortable’, in that I now have the software to resolve any further problems, if necessary. (Fingers crossed, this will not be the case)! Thank you for offering me further support if needed.

  • Thelma Perry

    A solution to my problem, and the software worked.

    Your soft ware was great, it saved lost notes on an iPad mini. My husband was going ballistic as they were important notes. I said I'd see if there is a solution, and there was your software. Disaster averted, nerves calmed.



    I accidentally deleted my wife's pictures and was happy when I purchased the ifhonebox, to retrieve the pictures. My happiness was short lived when I saw all the pictures had been reduced from their original sizes, for example 1.15MB reduced to 96.3kb. Please is there any way the pictures can be restored to their original sizes? Please help

  • Ken Petersen

    Love it!

    I ran a scan of my iPhone again and I found the message I was looking for, so my problem is solved. I like your software a lot and will continue to experiment with it. If I have any feedback of helpful suggestions I will pass them along.

  • Charmin

    Great and Awesome Software

    I love it . Till now i had used 4 different softwares for recover my iphone data .But i had found ifonebox is best.

  • Rob Matthijssen

    Ifonebox saved me from a drowned Iphone 5 and corrupt Itunes backup

    Ifonebox saved me from a drowned Iphone 5 and corrupt Itunes backup. (nasty combination). Through the tool i managed to get all of my data back. What would have been even better is if the tool immedately made the saved data ready for import back into Itunes and thus the new phone..... Now I had no data loss but still a lot of manual work to get everything back on the phone..... But tnx for saving my data....

  • Teri Steinbach

    Free trail version

    I have been trying your product as a trial.  It worked great. 

  • walid zoaqan

    Friendly customer service and good team.

    I bought the software to restore images from corrupted iphone backup files.But this software can not support this function temporarily. I contact their customer service and they are so kindly to give me help. Now I am the frinedly customer of this software and they send the updated version to me for testing promptly. Really appreciate their help.

  • Sheila Menezes

    The best message recovery software.

    I happened to find the application when I am desperate of losing my most important text message which means everything to me. Many years of sweet and bitter memory with my boy friend. I did google search online and found ifonebox. I get all my data back that day. Really love it!

  • Jonathan Diaz

    Touched by their prompt answer and help.

    Although I did not recover my lost data because I accidently performed a factory reset on my iPad, I was touched by their prompt answer and help.

  • Irina Smith

    Powerful Appalication,awesome service

    I’ve fall in love with this fantastic software. Even if I lost important data, iphonebox can help me get it back. Wow, you can not imagine how useful iphonebox can be. I have been waiting for them to offer more powerful version in the future. Also the customer service is very helpful. I remember her name is Dancy. A very heart warming gal. When I met problems when using their product, I will always contact Dancy. Thank you, dear Dancy.

  • Manoj Kohli

    Perfect service.

    "Unfortunately my case was different, but it was really a good product for recovery, superb support service."

  • Miguel (iDevice Help Us)

    This is truly a Great application.

    I've been very impressed with this software no more will I have to worry about losing personal information on my iOS Devices this is truly a Great application Thanks.

  • Alan Davidson

    What a great program!

    WOW, this program actually does what it says, what a great program, I needed to restore my data and this program did it all and even more. I recommend it highly. If you have any doubt as to whether you should buy this program, I can tell you, if you own an IPhone, buy it now, don't wait until it’s too late.

  • Carl Orams

    Good software.

    I've been very impressed with this software no more will I have to worry about losing personal information on my iOS Devices this is truly a Great application Thanks.

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