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iFonebox Using Tutorial

Note: This demonstration video is about the trial version which can only scan and export the data but cannot transfer the lost data to computer or device. You need to purchase the full version to recover your lost data to your computer or device.

What are the differences between trail version and retail version?

There are a little differences between the lost or deleted data that display in the program. With Free trial version, the recovery data will be partially displayed as ***. Also, you cannot recover deleted or lost data via Free trial version. So, if you want to preview and recover your data completely, you need to buy the retail version

Yes, if a trial user meets any technical problem when using our product, please tell us your question via Our support team will answer your question within 24 hours.

There are several possible reasons for the failed registration. So please make sure the following points:

a. There is no space in the beginning or at the end of the code; otherwise the code is recognized as an invalid code.

b. Don’t mix up the Windows and Mac version products. Please note that they are completely two different products and get different license code for each own.

c. One license code can be only used on one computer. So if you use it to another computer, it will be invalid.

d. Make sure the network of your computer is steady which could affect the registration.

There are two methods for you to solve the problem:

a: Please reach us with the details of wrong order information via, we will feedback to you with the correct version and cancel the before license.

b: If you are willing to keep the wrong product, we could provide a discount for you to purchase it secondly. Please kindly contact our support team and we will get the set up for you.

When the software freezes at one point or crashes automatically, please send a screenshot of any reminders or the log of the software to us via We will help you within 24 hours.

1.Make sure that you entered the correct account and password.(To sign in to the account in our software, you must have activated the iCloud service already.)

2. Make sure your network is connected when you log in.

3. Make sure you did not set Apple Two-step verification to your Apple ID.

  • Ellie Franckle

    iFonebox worked very sufficiently!

    We searched "best recommended apps to extract messages from IPhone" and we saw your app for the PC pop up first! It worked very sufficiently!

  • Angela Ransom

    iFonebox did what I needed. Helpful.

    Your software did do what I needed.  I had to swap to using an older iPhone  while the screen was replaced on my new one. I kept using the other phone for a few days and ended up with a whole lot of text messages I didn't want to lose. But I also wanted to keep the messages on my new phone. Your software let me merge the texts from both phones using the backups. Yay! Thanks!! Very happy. 

  • arLes

    iFonebox is fast and friendly to use.

    The user interface is really fastly, friendly and easy to understand.. i bought in past others software, but how i write now, your ifonebox is the only one able to recover wechat data, the others dont do that!. I really like your software because is really fast to make icloud download and to match data after downloading and my notebook isnt become crazy with fan or ram system performance to highly to recover data and that happend before, during and after scanning icloud backup. Compare other software as "Fonelab" and not only "Fonelab" (i've tested so many software for do that), they make my system performance highly used and my fan become crazy before and after scanning and they have slowly user interface and much times they will crash unexpectedly himself and i spent usless my time...

  • frank.hoffmann

    It works fine

    iFonebox works fine and it helped me.