How to sync notes to Gmail account?
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If you have a lot of notes saved on your iPhone and you use Gmail a lot, you can try syncing all your notes items to your Gmail account. It would be the perfect combination, as iPhone is the most popular smart phone and Gmail is the most popular email service. You can get backup your lost notes from your Gmail account once the iPhone notes is lost or deleted by mistake. And you can access your iPhone notes on every computer, be it Windows or Mac.

In addition, syncing iPhone notes to Gmail account is easy enough as it just takes a couple steps. Here is the demonstration of how to sync iPhone notes to Gmail step by step.

1.Connect Your Gmail Account to Your iPhone

Head on to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Add Account>Google Type in your name, email address, and the password to your Gmail account on the following page. Tap Next in the upper-right corner when you’re done and iOS will verify the information.
2.Choose the Data You Want to Sync to Gmail Account

Select the data that you want to sync, including your email, contacts, calendar and any notes. Toggle any of these that you want, but be sure to select Notes in the list to make sure your iPhone notes will get synced. From there, tap on Save in the upper-right corner.
3.Check the Notes Items with Mail App

You can open up the Mail app and see all of your email just like you would see it on Gmail. It’s really simple to set up.

4.Sync iPhone Notes to Your Gmail Account

After selecting Notes from the window asking you to choose a certain data type, a Gmail folder will appear in the Notes app, so any new notes you create in that folder will appear in your Gmail account. A Notes label will appear in your Gmail sidebar, from which you can view your iPhone notes right in the web browser.
How to sync notes to Gmail account?
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)