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How to restore lost calendar events on iPhone X? How to undelete missing calendar events on iPhone X? How to get back lost calendar events on iPhone X?

How to restore lost calendar events on iPhone X?
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undelete missing calendar events on iphone x
Lost all calendar events on iPhone X, now where to recover and how? Thanks!!!
Having trouble in restoring lost calendar events on iPhone X? Have you ever been desperate to recover extremely important contacts before? Stop panic, all you can do is take a deep breath then using iFonebox to get out of all these predicaments.

At first you may seek help from iTunes or iCloud to undelete missing calendar events on iPhone X. However, Apple doesn’t provide backup downloading service so that you can’t preview the details except for restoring the whole backup to device. As a result, all existing data you have would be wiped out thoroughly, sounds unacceptable, isn’t it?

Why choose iFonebox to get back slost calendar events on iPhone X?

As a professional and trustworthy iOS data recovery software, iFonebox gains more and more popularity from iOS users. It is specially designed to overcome various kinds of data loss. Main features listed below can help you get a better understanding of this tool:
  • One professional iOS data recovery program
  • Support as many 17 kinds of data loss
  • Retrieve all your significant data and numbers via three reliable working modes
  • Superior in handling data loss in various scenarios like accidental deletion or screen damage
  • Selectively recovery mode without wiping any existing data on device
  • Compatible with a large range of devices and iOS system
  • Intuitive user interface and well organized
  • 100% secure protect your privacy definitely

Furthermore, iFonebox has high efficiency on data migration which takes limited time to transfer and print WeChat messages on iPhone X and other 16 kinds of data like contacts, notes and so on.You can get the mission completed successfully just by simple clicks without having to do so much. As a result, iFonebox is a convenient and time-saving program that you can’t miss for data transfer.

iFonebox works exceptionally well on almost all iOS devices, and there are two versions accessible for your computer: Mac version and Windows version. The operation interface is intelligent, the following is the step-by-step guide on mode Recover from iOS device. Moreover, here’s the preparations you need to make in advance:
  • An affected device.
  • One USB cable, an include accessory would be better.
  • One computer, a frequently-used would be better.
  • You can download here by clicking the specific icon below:

Step one: Launch the Software

Run iFonebox after you download it on your computer, connect your device to iFonebox with USB cable, then, you’ll see a bold Next in the center of the interface, click it, so you can continue to next stage.
Recover from ios device
Step Two: Scan the data

It will start to scan after you click the Calendar icon, the more data existing, the longer time it will to take to scan, just please wait when you see a rotating circle.
Mode one interface
Step Three: View and restore

Finally, you’re able to check the missing calendar events you want to recover, select the checkbox and retrieve them to your computer.
How to restore lost calendar events on iPhone X?
3 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (91% score)

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