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How to restore deleted WhatsApp messages if no backup? How to get back deleted WhatsApp messages without backup? How to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages no backup?

How to restore deleted WhatsApp messages if no backup?
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recover deleted WhatsApp messages if no backup
My kid deleted a couple of WhatsApp messages on my iPhone, which is important for me. I checked the official document on WhatsApp, but I don't want to restore the whole chat history because this will erase the current new ones. I don't know if there was a way to recover these deleted messages only, a partial restore is preferred. Anyone has some suggestion on this?

In the current technological generation, data loss may cause by accidental deletion, software corruption, or a virus attack is more commonly than we think. It’s seems a headache for most iPhone users to retrieve them effectively. If you have no idea how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages if no backup, have a try with iFonebox, it definitely can help you out.

What is iFonebox?

iFonebox is a professional and splendid iOS data recovery software, which is specially designed for people to undelete as many as sixteen kinds of data. Whenever your iPhone breaks down like being drowned, crashed, or worse stolen, you’ll always be given three advanced working modes to save your significant data. Undoubtedly, it is the best option for you to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages no backup.

What does iFonebox can do?
  1. Aside from get back deleted WhatsApp messages without backup, iFonebox is capable of regaining a variety of media data for you, like photos, video or voice memos, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be interested in downloading photos from iCloud backup to MacBook Pro with iFonebox.

  2. This remarkable program allows you to back up significant data that existing in your iPhone or iPad, and keep the information in a safe way. You’ll be provided a wonderful experience to manage the data efficiently and effectively.

  3. With iFonebox, you don’t have to worry about the data migration resulted in deficient storage , broken screen or device replacement, just several simple clicks, important information will be transferred to your computer in the shortest time.

  4. iFonebox works exceptionally well on almost all iOS devices, there is no need to worry too much if your device is compatible with our program, you can access for more specification requirements. However, it’s considerably necessary to opt for the right version for your computer.

How does iFonebox work?

The interface of iFonebox is intuitive and easy to understand. Next, I am going to illustrate the instructions for you step by step.

Step one: Download and Launch

Run iFonebox after you download it on your computer, connect your device to iFonebox with USB cable, then, you’ll see a bold Start in the center of the interface, click it, so you can continue to next stage.

More information: You have to choose Trust the computer on your iPhone screen if this is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC.
mode one
Step Two: Scan and wait

It will start to scan after you click the WhatsApp icon, you don’t need to do anything until it completes, and the duration depends on the amount of your data, please wait in this stage patiently.
step two
Step Three: View and restore

Finally, you’re able to check the deleted WhatsApp messages you want to recover, select the checkbox and retrieve them to your PC.

More information: If there is too much information on the interface, you can turn on the only display the deleted.
How to restore deleted WhatsApp messages if no backup?
5 votes, 4.60 avg. rating (87% score)

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