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You can selectively recover the lost reminders from your iPhone or iPad updated to iOS 8.4 if you don’t have an iTunes or iCloud backup.

How to recover reminders selectively from iOS 8.4 iPhone or iPad?
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recover reminders selectively from iOS 8.4 iPhone or iPad Either in our daily life or work, we use Reminders to keep track of things including how the engineering project has been undertaken, how your papers progresses, when you are going to take exams, and what you should prepare for travelling etc. As you can see, it is an app of great help and you cannot afford losing the reminders all of a sudden with no definable reason or deleting them just by mistake when you never mean to do so.

How to recover the lost or deleted reminders becomes an issue you should give high priority and one thing you should keep in mind is that recovering the lost reminders should not cause data loss again. Or gains cannot make up for losses. Worse still, the newly lost data cannot be recovered as it is overlapped and wiped out from your iOS 8.4 iPhone forever.

Is it possible to recover the lost reminders from iOS 8.4 iPhone selectively? Definitely yes! iFonebox is such kind of software that can recover the not only the reminders selectively from the iOS 8.4 iPhone but also recover contacts, notes, call log, whatsapp and messages etc.

You can download the trial version for free to have a try but you need to pay for the full version to virtually recover the lost reminders to your computer.

Now let’s get start about recovering lost reminders from iOS 8.4 iPhone step by step.

Step 1: Install and run the full version of iFonebox and then connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Click the bottom button of Start after your iPhone is detected by iFonebox. mode one

Step 2: Click on the icon of Reminders to choose Reminders to recover, in this way, you are going to export all Reminders on your iPhone, including the deleted or lost ones. step two

Step 3: Preview all the exported Reminders and choose the ones you want to recover. In addition, you can do some editing about the reminders before you click to recover them to your computer. reminders_recover

Note: The current version of iFonebox only support recovering lost or deleted Reminders to computer for viewing or record keeping.
How to recover reminders selectively from iOS 8.4 iPhone or iPad?
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (82% score)

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