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How to retrieve lost WhatsApp messages on iPhone? How to recover missing WhatsApp messages on iPhone? How to undelete lost iPhone WhatsApp messages?

How can I retrieve lost WhatsApp messages on iPhone?
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 recover missing whatsapp messages on iphone
What am I supposed to do when I have accidentally deleted my WhatsApp messages on iPhone 7 plus? Anyone could help? Any suggestions???

Have you ever faced such a situation above that you delete or lose specific WhatsApp messages on iPhone, and don’t have a clue to retrieve them. Actually, there’re various kinds of situation that can cause data loss, no matter how you lose them, it can be a nightmare for you undoubtedly. Stop panic, you are lucky enough to have found this article which can help you walk out of this dilemma.

It may interest you to know that the best way to recover missing WhatsApp messages on iPhone is by the use of iFonebox, one professional and irreplaceable iOS data recovery program. It supports up to 17 kinds of data loss on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, which is able to maximize the possibility that get back disappeared data. It boasts of the following great features.
  • Flexible Recovery: Three advanced recovery mode
  • Intelligent-- Three selectively recovery mode without wiping any existing data on device
  • Powerful--Support data preview on device or backup before retrieval   
  • Full iOS compatibility--Compatible with a large range of devices and iOS system
  • Easy-to-use--Intuitive user interface and well organized
  • Safe--100% secure and protect your privacy definitely

Apart from using it to undelete lost iPhone WhatsApp messages, iFonebox is also an remarkable iOS data transfer tool that can help you migrate data from iPhone or backup to computer.  With this additional features, you can transfer data or download files from backup with ease. Besides, your scanning and recovery process can be done without wasting your time. It also ensures that your personal information is protected from theft since it reads and scans your device without copying.

iFonebox gains more popularity due to its intuitive user interface. The following simple guide would simplify the process for you. Before we start, here’s the items we need to get prepared in advance:
  • An affected device.
  • One USB cable, an include accessory would be better.
  • One computer, a frequently-used would be better.
  • You can download here by clicking the specific icon below:

Step one: Download and Launch

Run iFonebox after you download it on your computer, connect your device to iFonebox with USB cable, then, you’ll see a bold Next in the center of the interface, click it, so you can continue to next stage.

More information: You have to choose Trust the computer on your iPhone screen if this is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC.
Recover from ios device
Step Two: Scan and wait

It will start to scan after you click the WhatsApp icon, you don’t need to do anything until it completes, and the duration depends on the amount of your data, please wait in this stage patiently.
Mode one interface
Step Three: View and Recover

Finally, you’re able to preview all your WhatsApp messages on iOS device, select the checkbox and recover them to your PC as you want.
How can I retrieve lost WhatsApp messages on iPhone?
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (82% score)

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