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This article particularly show you the way to get the data on iPhone 4 when you forget the passcode.

Get the data from iPhone 4 when forgot the passcode
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Get the data from iPhone 4 when forgot the passcode
Recently, I received the message from one customer, she said: “My son forget his passcode on his iPhone 4 and we never sync or back it up on any laptop. Can we get the data from the phone with iFonebox? Later on I can restore as a new from Mac?”

If you forget the passcode of your iPhone 4, you may also have the same demands with this customer to extract and recover the data in your iPhone. Is it possible? Yes, you are so luck that you are using iPhone 4 and iFonebox could help you to get the data out even without passcode. Below we will show you how to extract these data. As we need to enter into the Advanced Mode, the step may be a little bit complex then normal mode.

First, just download iFonebox on your computer. Then free trail version allows you to preview these data in your iPhone 4, while the full version could help you recover these data to your computer.

How to Extract and Recover data on iPhone 4 without passcode

Step 1: Connect iPhone with computer

Install and launch iFonebox and connect iPhone 4 with your computer via USB cable. Then the software will automatically detect your device have the passcode and you will show the interface as follows: trust-interface

Step 2: Enter DFU Mode

Then you need to enter the DFU Mode by yourself.

1)Hold the Power button and Home button on your iPhone 4 for 10 seconds.

2)After 10 seconds, the screen of your iPhone 4 turns black. Release the power button and keep holding the Home button for another 10 seconds until you see the interface as follows:

3)Click “Advanced Mode” button and you will see the message “You have entered DFU mode, please wait patiently to complete the progress bar” shows on the window of the software. Just wait for the finishing of progress bar.
Step 3: Scan iPhone 4

Then the software will begin to scan and analyze the data in your iPhone 4. The scanning time depends on the database in your iPhone. Please just wait patiently for the scanning finished.
Step 4: Preview and Recover iPhone 4 data

When the scanning is finished, all the data in your iPhone 4 will be extracted and displayed in category one by one. You could choose the content you want to preview and choose these data you want to save to your computer. Then click the “Recover” button on the interface to choose the folder location you want to preserve them.
All the data in your iPhone 4 has been extracted and recovered, then you could restore the passcode-forgotten iPhone to a new iPhone. So easy to recover your data, right? Just have a try to rescue your data with iFonebox.
Get the data from iPhone 4 when forgot the passcode
6 votes, 4.33 avg. rating (83% score)

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