Apple’s iOS 9 and the Highlights of new features
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It has been a tradition to announce a new version of iOS at WWDC for Apple. As Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering said, iOS 9 is going to bring proactivity throughout the system, meaning your iPhone plans to get to know you a lot better, for example, learning to load up on music perfect for your regular morning jog for example. Among some of the new features for iOS 9, which will be available this fall, the iPhone can learn about someone's habits at particular times of day or in certain locations. Besides, the iOS 9 also gives high priority to people’s priviacy.

Now let’s see the hightlights of new features in iOS 9 in details.

Privacy has been given much higher priority. The way you use your device is your business,hence the term personal device. And with privacy enhancements to iOS 9, you can be sure that your data and usage stats won't be tied to your Apple ID or other Apple services. iOS 9 will also feature more robust six-digit passcodes and two-factor authentication to better keep your data secure.

Passbook gets some love and a new name; it's now called Wallet. It still stores cards and boarding passes, but now can also hold loyalty and rewards cards, as well as Discover and store cards. In addition, Apple Pay is teaming up with Square to develop new contactless card readers that will enable independent merchants to accept Apple Pay in their stores.

Search is smarter, and will now incorporate context-sensitive tools. Your current time and location impact your results by surfacing the most relevant info first. Headed out the door in the morning? Flip to Search (with a right-swipe on the homescreen) for nearby breakfast, coffee and tea locations.

Map is adding transit info, something we've all been clamoring for since Apple split with Google and forced its own Maps app down our throats. Not only is Transit covered in the new Maps, but it supports step-by-step transit-enabled directions and includes some station maps to optimize your route right down to the station entrance.

photos scroller is Simple and elegent, and allows you scrub through your photos as you're viewing. No more endless back-and-forth between the large view and the collections panel—just hold and drag on the timeline at the bottom of the screen to flip through your photos quickly.

News app which replaces News stand is a more attractive, more functional. It delivers daily news stories based on your interests in a curated, easily navigable format. Stories are optimized for iOS devices, and publisher layouts are designed for iPhone and iPad. And if you didn't hear, you'll be able to read WIRED within the new app.

Siri gets an update in iOS 9 as well, boasting a new interface and deeper integration. Now the digital assistant can sift through your photos and deliver particular images based on time and location. She can suggest contacts and apps when you ask certain questions. She also powers Search and can perform conversions and simple calculations—great for around the kitchen when your hands are covered in waffle batter.
Apple’s iOS 9 and the Highlights of new features
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)