What should we expect from Apple’s WWDC?
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As announced on April 14, the 2015 version of WWDC will take place June 8–12 at the conference's usual home at Moscone West in San Francisco. Traditionally, it will start with a keynote which will unveil new software or hardware by Apple on 10 am Pacific Time this Monday.

Then, what should we expect from this conference. According to the leading technology media CNET, there will no new device released this time. And almost all the keynote will be about software, software and software. What are they, then?

iOS 9

Major addition of iOS 9 may be a new lifestyle management feature called "Proactive." According to rumors, Proactive replaces iOS's existing Spotlight Search with a richer set of search features and a new user interface that displays content from various apps, Contacts, and Maps, to help iOS users navigate through their daily activities.

OS X 10.11

OS X 10.11 may focus on introducing new security features, bug fixes, and stability improvements for Apple's Mac-based operating system. Apple is said to be working on a new kernel-level security system called "Rootless," which will help curb malware by preventing access to protected system files. Apple may also convert many IMAP-based applications like Notes, Reminders, and Calendars to its iCloud Drive system to improve communication between the apps and increase security.

New Streaming Music Service

Apple may debut its revamped streaming music service at WWDC. This service is said to be a rebranding of its existing Beats Music service, the new service will likely be built into iTunes and the iOS Music app.

Revamped iTunes Radio

Along with a new streaming music service, Apple is also planning to introduce a revamped version of iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is designed to complement the new music service, allowing people to listen to music for free. It may include more local content and new stations that are created by and hosted by DJs.

Apple Pay

Apple may make some Apple Pay-related announcements at WWDC, perhaps introducing a new rewards program for the payments service. Details are scarce on the program, but it's said to offer "perks" to those who use Apple Pay to make purchases in stores and apps. It's also possible Apple will announce an upcoming expansion of Apple Pay to additional countries, beginning with Canada. Recent rumors have suggested Apple Pay will be launching in Canada in November.


Apple may share additional details on HomeKit, its home automation platform. First introduced at WWDC 2014, HomeKit is a platform that allows various connected devices like thermostats, locks, and more, to interface with iOS devices.
What should we expect from Apple’s WWDC?
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)