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The most secure way to back up iPhone to guard against accidental data loss is to export and save your iPhone data to your computer as readable file with iFonebox, which is specialized iOS data recovery software.

What is the most secure way to back up iPhone?
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the most secure way to back up iPhone We would never understand the importance of something unless it is lost or missing. By the same token, we would have no idea of backing up our iPhone in case of data loss unless we run into the trouble of frustrating data loss all of a sudden. The best way to guard against data loss to create backup for your iPhone data, if possible, create alternate backup on your computer if you really values everything on your iPhone.

I am going to talk about three different ways of backing up your iPhone.

Back Up with iTunes

Make sure you have downloaded and install the latest version of iTunes before you get started to syncing your iPhone to computer.

Connect your iPhone to computer after you have installed the iTunes and get it started successfully.

Click on the icon for your iPhone at the left top after your iPhone is recognized by iTunes.

Click on the summary panel, and hit “Back up Now” to start the syncing and saves your iPhone or iPad data to computer through the iTunes.

There is another way to do the backing up.

Install the latest version of iTunes

You can choose to back up the same way as you do with Windows or you can click Files>Devices>Back Up to create an iTunes backup file to your computer.

Back Up with iCloud

Creating iCloud backup file can be finished on the iDevice.

Head on to Settings>iCloud>Backup>Back Up Now.

Make sure you have logged in to your iCloud account and the Backup is switched on.

Besides, make sure you are WiFi connected.

Back Up with iFonebox

Make sure you have the latest full version of iFonebox installed on your computer and your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch is accessible.

Step 1. Get your iFonebox started and connect your iPhone to your computer. Hit the popped up button Start after your iPhone is recognized by iFonebox. mode one

Step 2. Check the box “ Recover All” at the top right corner to export and export all the supported text and media data. step two

Step 3. Define a destination folder for the exported data if you don’t wan to use the default recovery folder before click “Recover” to transfer all the iPhone data to computer for backup. ifonebox-messages

Note: One thing I need to mention is that backup files creates with iTunes or iCloud are not readable files, and they mean nothing if cannot be restored to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, while data saved to computer with iFonebox is readable files. And if iTunes backup file is corrupted, there is no chance to recover lost data from a corrupted backup file.
What is the most secure way to back up iPhone?
1 vote, 3.00 avg. rating (75% score)

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