Tips to Speed up your iPad
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Have you been using your iPad for years? So there are possibilities that a number of problems pops up such as the apps loading pathetically slow, the touch losing sensitively and the iPad itself getting stuck and other various annoyances. What are going to do to speed your iPad up and make it performs as smoothly as it was bought the first day? You might think about doing a thorough cleaning up? I don’t recommend cleaning closing apps together with rebooting the iPad, as this does not help a bit in most cases. And then I would like to share what I have done to speed up my iPad.

Tips 1: Upgrading to New iOS

If you don’t have the plan to purchase a new iPad, the first thing we can do is to upgrade the OS your iPad is running, as apple tells, every Apple device should run the latest iOS version and you can get the latest feature and the annoying bugs fixed. To upate to the latest iOS, just go to the General tab in Settings and tap on Software Update on the right side. The device will check if a new iOS is available, and if so, will guide you through the process.

Tips 2: Clear stuff that you don’t use often

The storage space is limited and you don’t need to keep everything saved on your iPad all the time. Most apps store data on the iPad locally so there’s a lot of usage. Apps like Camera, Photo Booth, Safari, Mail are going to be the top priority. However, there is no way to selectively erase certain data from your iPad and you can only erase everything through iTunes and setup your iPad as new. You can turn to some third party software like iFonebox to export important data like Contacts, Notes, Photos, Bookmars, Messages, and Voice Memos etc to your computer for additional backup.

Tips3: Rely on Stock Apps

Speaking of apps, as much as possible, rely on stock apps that come bundled with iOS. This way, you’re saving a lot of space and you’re using the resources as envisioned by Apple’s iOS engineers themselves.Arguably, this isn’t a “fix” but then again, we’re talking about the optimal methods to speed up your iPad. If you’re using a separate reminders app that’s 15MB and stores a lot of data, you’d better try switching back to the stock Reminders app on your iPad.

Tips4: Turn off notifications

This is a great but little know tip! Many apps, when first launched, ask you whether you want them to notify you about important updates and other stuff. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but after a while you have a ton of apps that want to push notifications to you that are – let’s be honest – often not that important. Get rid of these notifications in order to free up resources.

Tips5: Multitasking Gestures

One more thing you can switch off is the four-fingers multitasking gestures. This is where it begins to hurt a little bit in my opinion, since it is quote convenient to circling through the last used apps via four-finger swipes to the left and right. But hey, doing a double click on the home button isn’t the end of the world, so I switched off Multitasking Gestures in the General tab of Settings.
Tips to Speed up your iPad
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)