Tips about how to secure your Messages
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Have you been bothering preventing your messages being peeped or shared without your authorization? This article is going to talk about some ways to shoot this trouble.

Turn Off “Show Preview”

Fed up with annoying Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother, Best friends from accidentally reading or deliberately peeping your incoming SMS alerts? Here is the simple solution. Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Preview. Tap the option and turn it off to exclude a preview of the message in alerts and banners.

Restrict Your Apps with Guided Access

There is one built-in feature that you can use to stop others from snooping around, but it isn't the greatest thing in the world. In the Accessibility settings, you'll find Guided Access, which will allow you to keep your iPhone in a single app and control which features are available to it.

Once Guided Access is enabled, use the triple-click home button feature to bring it up. Draw across the screen to block certain areas from being accessed, then tap Start. Once Guided Access is up and running, no one will be able to touch the parts of the screen you disabled unless they know your passcode.

This nifty trick could prove useful to stop others from reading all of your text messages—as you can see in the picture above, I blocked all text messages (in the grey) but the one I wanted to show. When you want Guided Access gone, just triple click the home button and enter your passcode to get rid of it.

Hide Messages on your iPhone

Tap the Settings >Notification Center">"Messages"> "Show in Notification Center", so that it turns from green to white. This will keep new texts from showing up in your drop-down Notification Center.

Under "Alert Style", select "None". This will keep banners and alerts from showing up on your screen when you get a text.

Slide off "Badge App Icon" so it turns white. There will no longer be a red bubble by the Messages icon showing how many new messages you have.

Click on "Alert Sound" and select "None". This will make sure no tone sounds when you receive a new message.
Also, click on "Vibration" and set that to "None" as well. Your phone will no longer vibrate when you receive a new message.
Click on the toggle bar next to "Show Preview" so it turns white. This ensures that, even if you turn on alerts and banners, none of the text in the message will show up in the alert.

Click on the toggle bar next to "Show on Lock Screen" so it turns white. This makes it so that your lock screen does not show whether or not you have received any new messages.

Delete the message from your iPhone

Last but not the least way to get rid of this message security worry is to delete them from your iPhone completely, or at least delete those you would at the least interest to share with anyone else. This may be the 100% way for security trouble shooting. Out of sight and thus out of worry. Surely, you have to back up your message before removing the message including the message attachment from your iPhone, because, you don’t want to share your message with others does not mean you don’t want to keep them for memory or anything else.

Though there are possibilities for you to back up your message with iTunes or iCloud, neither of them could back up messages selectively. And the backup means nothing and works for nothing unless you restore it to your iPhone. There are, however, plenty of third party applications allowing you to extract the message and even the deleted or lost message from iPhone or iTunes/iCloud backup and transfer to computer (both PC and Mac) for physical and readable message backup, iFonebox is powerful application of this kind.

You can extrtact the message and transfer to PC before erasing them completely by following the steps below.

Step 1: Run the full version of iFonebox and choose Recovery Mode.

Step 2: Choose the Message to recoer by clicking on the icon of Message.

Step 3: Preview the Messages and do some modifications before transfer to PC.

Once the transferring process finished, you can delete the messages on your iPhone.
Tips about how to secure your Messages
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