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Extract Voice Memos not detected by iTunes to Mac
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syncing-voice-memos-not-showing-in-itunes“I am trying to copy some voice memos from my iPhone to iTunes on my macbook pro, but only some of the voice show up as synced in iTunes when I'm done. Also I don't see the voice memos in question in the list on the computer's iTunes when I connect the iPhone. please help.”

“I have the same problem - no new memos can be detected by iTunes. They are visible and playable on the iPhone, but there's no way of syncing them, even though all earlier memos sync fine (and sync repeatedly, so that I have the annoyance of lots of duplicate memos when I sync).”

This is a common question which was asked by most people in Apple Support Community. Recording some Voice Memos and want to sync them to iTunes. But as some reasons, some can not be synced to iTunes. What’s the best way to solve this problem? It’s iFonebox. 

Download the free trail version and please read on to know how to extract these voice memos which could not be detected by iTunes to Mac. If you already have some Voices Memos in your iTunes backup, iFonebox could help you to extract them from iTunes backup. How to Extract Voice Memos not detected by iTunes to Mac

Step 1 Choose Recovery Mode

Launch the iFonebox after installing it on your Mac. Then connect your iSO device to Mac with USB cable, and then you will see the interface as follows, choose “Recover from iOS Device” as the recovery mode.

Step 2: Scan your device

Then the iDevice Voice Memos extractor will automatically start scanning and analysis your devices. The scanning time will depends on the database in your device. Wait patiently if there is a large data in your device.

Step 3: Sync Voice Memos to Mac

When the scanning is finished, all the data in your device will be displayed in interface in categories. Click “Voice Memos” to preview all the Voice recordings in your device. Then click the “Recover” button on the top right of the interface to extract and transfer these Voice Memos which not showing in iTunes to your Mac. recover-voice-memos-from-ios-device
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Extract Voice Memos not detected by iTunes to Mac
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (98% score)

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