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To recover lost iPhone Message attachment caused by iOS 8.2 update, all you need is iFonebox and iTunes/iCloud backup file.

All the messages attachments are gone after the latest iOS 8.2 updating. Is it possible to find the attachment back?
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You would never know what would happen if you choose to update to the latest iOS version. You may find the surfing speed up, or the apps icon style is just your favorite. But this is not the whole picture. Chances are, you may lose some or even all your data, including your Contacts, Notes, Reminders, Photoes, Messages, and Messages Attachment. Here, we would like to talk about what we should do when the Message Attachment are lost after the iOS 8.2 update.

In this age of fast-developed high technology age, apps like Messages provide huge convenience for our daily life and work. Party photos, commercial contracts, or banking/insurance service forms can be transferred in the form of attachment to your friends, your business partners or the bank/insurance agents. What if you lose them just because of IOS 8.2 update? Does it mean that we must steer clear of all the update from now on? No! Definitely not!

So long as you have backed up your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, it is easy to find your lost attachment back with an easy-to-use application, iFonebox.

Please remember, never try to sync your iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch to iTunes after the data loss, or the data on the iTunes will be overwrite if you ever uses the iPhone, and the lost data would be gone forever.

iFonebox is available for both Mac and windows. You can free download the trial version for a try, but you need to buy a full version if you want to recover the lost attachment and export them to your computer.

Now let me show you how to recover the lost messages attachment back with iFonebox.

Step 1: Start off the iFonebox and choose Recovery Mode

Install and start the full version of the iFonebox. Click “Recover from iTunes Backup”and then the software will ask you to choose the backup you want to recover. Once you made the backup in the computer that iFonebox installed, all the backup will be displayed in the interface. Click the button of “Select”to choose a backup file.
Notes: If you cannot find the backup file you want or the backup file does not show, you can click the button of "Select More" to locate your backup files from other locations.

Step 2: Choose “Message Attachment”

The interface below will show you all the information types that can be recovered, click on the icon of Message Attachment to preview the Attachments.
Step 3: Scan and Recover

Then all the Message Attachments will be listed on the interface below. You can check whatever you want to recover.
All the messages attachments are gone after the latest iOS 8.2 updating. Is it possible to find the attachment back?
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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