iFonebox Privacy Policy

What is iFonebox?

iFonebox is a iOS data recovery tool which runs on Windows or Mac. It can help you scan iOS devices and iTunes backup files, or download and scan iCloud backup to recover lost iOS data. And it also helps edit and transfer recovered data, such as Contacts and Notes, back to iOS devices.

What do we collect while you are using iFonebox?

iFonebox has three recovery modes and it only shows you what’s on your computer, device, and backup. We won’t collect any of your information unless you send us emails to ask for data analyzing assistance. And we won’t spread them or send them to third parties.

To recover from iOS Device: iFonebox will scan data directly from your iOS device and show what can be recovered and what’s existing on your iOS device. To protect your privacy, if you’ve set passcode to entering your iOS Device, you will have to input the passcode and trust the computer on the iOS Device before using iFonebox. Recovered data will be placed on your computer or on the iOS Device, you have your own right to keep or delete the data to protect your privacy.

To recover from iTunes Backup: iFonebox will scan your computer for iTunes backup files and show what’s in the backup file. If you’ve set password to the iTunes Backup file, you will have to enter the password before using iFonebox.  The recovered data are stored on the computer or iOS device, you can make your own decision to keep or delete the data to protect your privacy.

To recover from iCloud Backup: iFonebox will help you connect to iCloud, and download backup files from iCloud. And then you can scan and check what’s in the backup file on your computer. To protect your privacy, you have to enter iCloud ID and password every time you want to enter the backup files. The recovered data are stored on your computer or iOS device, you can keep or delete the data any time as you like.

The application itself will never collect or store your data. To protect your privacy, once you close the program, all scanned data will disappear and you have to download and scan again the next time you start the program.

AunTec and iFonebox only provides method to connect to iCloud. They are not liable to any abnormal status of your Apple ID and iCloud account. 

Thank you very much for choosing iFonebox. We do appreciate your trust on AunTec and iFonebox. Hope you enjoy working with us. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact iFonebox technical support via ifonebox@auntec.com, or get instant help from other members and AunTec staff on iFonebox Forum.