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How to restore accidently deleted WhatsApp messages? How to retrieve WhatsApp messages that were accidently deleted? How to recover WhatsApp messages that were deleted by accident?

I accidently deleted WhatsApp messages, how to restore?
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retrieve whatsapp messages that were accidently deleted
I was cleaning my iPhone 6s and accidently deleted my WhatsApp messages, they are extremely important and I need them as soon as possible. Is there any recovering tool that I can use? Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Have you ever accidently delete WhatsApp messages before on your iPhone? Once we realized that we have eliminated very important data, it is always too late, then we wring our hands in despair as we try to find a way around this troubled situation. Worry no more because iFonebox can help you restore accidently deleted WhatsApp messages successfully.

As a professional iOS data recovery application, iFonebox is definitely an excellent helper that recover, transfer or preview almost all kinds of deleted or missing data in many scenarios, like accidental deletion, screen damaged or device lost. You’ll be allowed to retrieve only disappeared data from a backup without wiping any existing data that stored on your iPhone now.

There’re three outstanding working modes for your selection to detect the missing numbers, and each mode has its unique features. It is the optimum choice to retrieve WhatsApp messages that were accidently deleted from iPhone directly, because iFonebox is able to dig and analyze the lost data through your device and extract them without any problem.

Aside from recovering WhatsApp messages that were deleted by accident, iFonebox is a multifunctional software indeed. With its help, you’re entitled to save all attachments from iMessages to computer, preview important data that stored on your backup. What’s more, if your iPhone was stolen unfortunately, you can access your backup and extract the data successfully.

iFonebox is perfectly compatible with all kinds of iOS device, the interface is intuitive and easy to use, you can access the program below. In this guide, I’d like to mainly introduce how to operate “Recover From iOS device”, follow my instructions, let’s get started!

Step one: Download and Launch. Run iFonebox after you download it on your computer, connect your device to iFonebox with USB cable, then, you’ll see a bold Start in the center of the interface, click it, so you can continue to next stage.

More information: You have to choose Trust the computer on your iPhone screen if this is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC.
mode one
Step Two: Scan and wait. It will start to scan after you click the WhatsApp icon, you don’t need to do anything until it completes, and the duration depends on the amount of your data, please wait in this stage patiently.
step two
Step Three: View and restore. Finally, you’re able to check the deleted WhatsApp messages you want to recover, select the checkbox and retrieve them to your PC.

More information: If there is too much information on the interface, you can turn on the only display the deleted.
I accidently deleted WhatsApp messages, how to restore?
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (88% score)

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