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iFonebox User Guide–How to use iFonebox for Windows
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Start Using iFonebox

 iFonebox is a professional iPhone/iPad/iPod data recovery software which is very easy-to-use, you can get lost/deleted ios data back within just a few click. IFonebox provides you two methods to recover data: Recover from iOS device and Recover from iTunes backup.
main interface

Part 1: Directly recover from iOS Devices 

This mode helps you to recover lost/deleted contacts, messages, notes, calendar, call history, Safari bookmarks and reminders directly from iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, The New iPad1/2/3/4,iPad air, /iPad Mini1/2 , iPod touch 4& iPod touch 5.
 Step 1: Run iFonebox on your computer
Run the software after installing it on computer, connect your iOS device to the computer with USB cable. Then select the "Recover from iOS Device" to scan data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. You’ll see the window below.
main interface of recover from ios devices
If yours is iPhone 4/3GS, iPad1, iPod touch 4, you’ll see the window below after it's detected.
You can click “advanced mode” to do deep scanIn this case, you need to wait a few minutes for downloading a plug-in according to your device's mode.
Step 2: Start scanning your iOS Device to find the lost files
 iFonebox will automatically scan your iOS device to find out and analyze all the existing and deleted files. You can see a list of data include Camera, Photo Stream, Contacts, Message ,Message Attachment, Call history, Calendar, Reminder, Notes, Voice memo, Safari bookmark.
scan data from ios device main interface
Following is the progress bar show the scanning progress, and the scan time depends on the number of the files on your device. So if there are lots of data on your device, please wait patiently until the software finish the scanning task
scan data from ios device
Step 3: Preview and recover data selectively
 After the scan, you can easily preview all data found on your device in the scan result. Click the categories on the top side of the window like camera roll, contacts, messages, etc. You can preview all the details of them (except for videos).
Camera roll of ios device
Click uncheck-all  to deselect all files. Mark what you want and click   start-to-recoverbutton to save them on your computer or click back   icon to return to the previous page
Contacts of ios device
Note: The data displayed in the scan result contains deleted and existing files on your device. Both of them have their own color. If you want to separate them, you can use the checkbox only-display-the deleted-items

Recover and Transfer Contacts to device

If you want to recover your deleted contacts to your device, just click “Contacts” and preview all the contacts in your device, including deleted. Then just click the “Transfer all selected to device” button on the bottom of the interface to recover all the deleted contacts back to your device.

You could do some edit before transfer these contacts to device. Choose one deleted contacts, and click theedit-button  on the bottom right of the interface to edit the content of this contact like Tell, Address, Birthday, etc.Then choose "Save" to transfer the contact back to device.
Recover and Transfer Notes to device

If you want to recover your lost Notes directly back to your device, click “Notes” to preview these deleted notes and choose these you need them back to your device, then click the “transfer all selected to device” button on the button of the interface to transfer deleted notes to device. Before transfer back to device, you could choose one notes and click “Edit” button to do some edit. Then click “Save” to save them on your device.

Part 2: Recover from iTunes backup for iOS Device 

With iFonebox, you are available to view and extract photo, video, contacts, messages, voice memo,etc from iTunes backup for your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Just a few steps, you can easily recover the data to save them on your computer as a readable file.
Step1. Choose an iTunes backup and starts to scan 
 Run iFonebox on the computer, Choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” On the main interface.
main interface of recover from itunes backup
All the iTunes backup files of your iOS Device which has ever synced with iTunes on this computer will be automatically found and listed here.You can select the one you want and click ios-data-recovery-start-scan   to extract it, if you want to choose another backup file please click   back to return to previous page.
choose itune backup
Note: If your iOS device backup is not displayed here, it's probably because your ios device has not synced with iTunes on this computer. You can select the iTunes backup file from other folder to recover your data
scan data from itunes backup main interface
After click “start scan” button, A few seconds later all data in the backup file will be extracted and displayed in the scan result. Scanning time depends on the number of the files on your device.
Step2. Preview and recover the data in the scan result 
On the top side of the window, there is a bar containing tabs of camera roll, photo stream, contacts, messages, call history, calendar, notes, etc. You can click on different tabs to preview items (except for videos) and selectively mark and recover those you want by click the  “Recover”  button at the at the top-left to save them on your computer.
Camera roll of iTunes backup
If you don’t want to select all files that displayed in the windows, you can tick off "Uncheck All"button . Then all the files would be unselected.
 If you only want to get deleted files back, please check “Only display deleted items” to list deleted files only. It can help you save your time and you can easily restore the deleted files.
Note: If the “Only display deleted items” option is grayed out, it means you can only backup existing files in that section. Nothing can be recovered there
iFonebox User Guide–How to use iFonebox for Windows
14 votes, 3.43 avg. rating (70% score)

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