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This post is going to share solutions about how to restore lost important data from iPhone as well as from iTunes/iCloud backup without worrying about data overriding and permanent data deletion.

How to restore your iPhone without losing important data?
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restore your iPhone without losing important data
If your iPhone is water damaged or you have just lost some data without knowing why or deleted some information before you realize it is a mistake, the first thing came upon you is to restore what you have lost. There are a couple of ways to restore data-lost iPhone, you can either recover directly from your iPhone with third party software provided that your iPhone still works properly, or you can choose to restore from your iTunes/iCloud backup file.

Solution 1: Restore lost data directly from iPhone with iFonebox

If you choose the first solution, I mean, restore the lost or deleted data directly from your iPhone, make sure your iPhone hasn’t been damaged at all, and then locate the third party software through Google. Here in this article, I would like to recommend iFonebox. iFonebox is professional iOS data recovery software and can recover Contacts, Notes, Reminders, Calendars, Messages, Call History, WhatsApp Messages, WhatsApp Messages Attachement, Voice Memos and Photos etc from iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch. You can download a free trial version to have a try but you need to pay for the registered version if you want to restore the deleted or lost data successfully.

Step1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and install and run the full version of iFonebox, Choose “Recover from iOS Devices” by clicking on the bottom button “Start” after your iPhone is detected by iFonebox.
mode one
Step2: You can either selectively choose whatever kind of data by clicking on the related icon or you can check “Recover All” to recover all the data supported by iFonebox. step two

Step3: Preview the extracted data and do some modifications if you need before recover to PC or devices. recover_from_itunes_preview_mac

The greatest advantage of restoring with iFonbox is that it steers clear of worrying about data overriding and permanent deletion.

Notes: The most current version of iFonebox only support restoring Contacts and Notes to devices like iPhone or iPad. And other data inlcuding Reminders, Call History, Messages, Messages Attachment, Voice Memos, Safari Bookmarks, and Photos can only be recovered to your computer for backup.

Solution 2: Create Backup for importatn iPhone data before restoring from iTunes bakcup file

The second solution which allows people restore iPhone from iTunes/iCloud backup can be of great help when your iPhone is badly damaged or locked without password. So long as you have synced your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, you can restore your iPhone by choosing the most recent backup file.

The problem is that , if you are not sure when the data loss or deletion happened and have probably continued to use the iPhone after the data loss, certain important data like Call History, Messages newly generated may be overwritten and erased for good.

So to guarantee that no data can be erased forever without knowing it at all, I strongly suggest extracting important data such as Contacts, Note, Messages, Voice Memos and Photos etc from iTunes/iCloud backup file and transfer to your PC. It is not necessary to restore everything to your iPhone if you have just lost part of the data, like Contacts, Messages, or Notes. You can choose to recover only Contacts to your iPhone and transfer other data like Notes, messages, Photos, Voice Memos etc to your computer for record keeping. You saved both time and storage space for your iPhone by doing so. And what’s more, there is no need to worry about losing important data during the restoring process.

If you have no idea about how to export certain data from iTunes backup files, you can refer to our guide about how to extract data from iTunes backup file with iFonebox.
How to restore your iPhone without losing important data?
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (88% score)

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