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You can restore iPhone 6 data selectively from iTunes backup in stead of restoring the entire iTunes backup file to your iPhone 6. You can restore the contacts and notes to your iPhone 6 selectively, for example, with iFonebox.

How to restore iPhone 6 data selectively from iTunes backup?
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restore iPhone 6 data selectively from iTunes backup Recently, one of my friends complained that after he updated his iPhone 6 to the latest iOS 8.4.1, there is a messages telling him that there is not enough free space on his iPhone and does not let him restore his iPhone from the previously saved backup. Probably, as iOS 8.4.1 uses more space than the previous iOS used. So if your iPhone 6 was nearly full using the previous version of iOS, it will be over capacity now. So he wonder whether it is possible to restore certain iPhone 6 data selectively instead of loading everything synced to the iTunes back to the iPhone 6 again. He currently want the notes most, so he wants to restore the iPhone 6 notes selectively to the iPhone 6 at first.

Fortunately, there are dozens of third party iOS data recovery and transferring software that can extract and transfer certain data category from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as well as from iTunes or iCoud backup file. iFonebox is professional data recovery and exporting software of this kind and can recover and transferring iPhone contacts and notes directly from your iPhone 6 selectively.

To ensure more free storage space and avoid data overwriting and wiping caused by restoring iPhone 6 from iTunes backup, you can try iFonebox by downloading the free trial version before you deciding to pay for the full version.

Then I am going to talk about the details about how to restore the iPhone 6 data selectively. Here I would like to take restoring the iPhone notes selectively with iFonebox for demonstration.

Step 1: Install the full version of iFonebox and run it. Choose the recovery mode of “Recover from iTunes Backup”. You will be presented with the interface listing all the iTunes backup file on your computer. iTunes

Step 2: Choose the data you want particularly transferred by clicking on the icon for the category. In this guide, I would like to transfer notes for demonstration. step two

Step 3: Take a preview at the exported notes, and choose whatever you want to transfer by checking the correspondent box right before the note item before clicking to transfer back to your iPone 6. export_notes_to_mac_preview_recover
How to restore iPhone 6 data selectively from iTunes backup?
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (95% score)

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