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After updating to iOS 8.4, you may still suffer from data loss, for example, losing notes from your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.4. You can choose to recover the notes selectively with iFonebox.

Can I recover lost notes from iPhone/iPad running iOS 8.4 without iTunes backup?
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Data loss seemed to be a unavoidable problem in each version of iOS , but it still cannot be defined as a bug, because it is hard to find out how the data loss happens. If you are lucky enough, you can steer clear of data erasing caused by the updating. But the misfortune of data loss still hits you from time to time without any prediction, especially when you lose some very important data like notes it is going to be a panic.

Notes, as a preinstalled application comes stock with the iOS, plays such an important role in our daily life and word that you cannot live without it. You take notes to record the family’s birthdays, board meetings, flight number of VIP customer, and inspiration of your advertising proposal etc. What if you lost part or all of the important notes? Please don’t take it for granted that you can always recover the lost or deleted notes from iTunes or iCloud backup file, because neither iTunes not iCloud is as trustworthy as you might have expected.

Still, since you have just lost notes only, it is not necessary to restore from iTunes or iCloud, you can choose to recover the lost notes selectively directly from your iPhone or iPad with third party software as iFonebox. As specialized iOS data recovery software, iFonebox is capable of recovering lost notes selectively from iPhone or iPad running the most current iOS 8.4.

Before you pay for the full version, you can download the free trial version to have a try.

In the following part, I am going to show you how to recover the lost notes selectively from iOS 8.4 devices with iFonebox without data loss.

Step 1: Plug your iOS 8.4 devices, iPhone or iPad to your computer. Install and launch the registered version of iFonebox. Click the bottom button of “Start” to get started. And by doing so, you have selected the recovery mode of “Recover from iOS Devices”.
Step 2: You will be presented with an interface demanding to choose a certain type of data to recover, in this article, our aim is to recover the lost notes, so you need to click on the icon of notes.
Step 3: Preview and do some modifications on the exported notes before hitting to recover. And if you just want the deleted notes back to your iPhone or iPad, you can check to show the deleted items only and click “Recover to Device”.
Can I recover lost notes from iPhone/iPad running iOS 8.4 without iTunes backup?
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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