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iFonebox makes it possible to recover deleted messages directly and selectively from iPhone 5s possible, even if you don’t have an iTunes backup file.

Recovering deleted messages from iPhone 5S
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Recovering deleted messages from iPhone 5S About two weeks ago, I accidentally deleted some text messages from someone very special off of my iPhone 5s. I have been scouring the internet since then looking for a way to get them back. I considered an itunes recovery since I haven't backed it up since the messages were deleted, but the last time it was backed up was a couple of months ago, so I would be losing a lot of data. I looked into iCloud, but my messages were never backed up. I also looked into third-party data recoveries, but I would prefer not to spend almost 100 dollars on these messages. The messages from this person are very special to me and I desperately want them back. Please help, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

According to what the iPhone 5 user has described, he deleted his text messages from his iPhone 5S by mistake and the iTunes backup file he has does not include the messages he has deleted. If he choose to restore the deleted messages from the previous backup, he would lose more. It seems that he runs into a dilemma.

Is there any way to recover the deleted messages directly from the iPhone 5s without worrying about overwriting data currently on your iPhone and wipe it out permanently?

Definitely yes. Third party iOS data recovery software like iFonebox is capable of recovering deleted messages from your iPhone 5s and transfer to your computer for convenient reading and record keeping, in spite of having no iTunes or iCloud backup file.

There is no step asking your to restore your iPhone to factory settings and erase all your content and settings while recovering your lost data with iFonebox. Instead, iFonebox scan and analyze all your data and then export it to your computer. No need to worry about losing time for a second time. In addition, you only need to pay less than half of $100 to get the license of the full version.

You can download a free trial version of iFonebox to have a try but you need to pay for the full version.

Here I am going to show the detailed steps about how to recover the deleted messages selectively and transfer to your computer safely.

Step 1: Install the full version of iFonebox and get it started. Connect your iPhone 5s to your computer and click “Start” after your iPhone is detected by iFonebox. In this way, you have chosen the recovery mode of “Recover from iOS Device”.
mode one

Step 2: Choose the messages to recover by clicking on the icon for Messages. step two

Step 3: Preview the exported messages and choose whatever you need or wan to recover and transfer to your computer. If you want to save the deleted messages only to your computer, check the box of “ Only display the deleted items”. export_messages_to_mac_from_itunes_preview
Recovering deleted messages from iPhone 5S
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (95% score)

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