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If your iPhone has been put into recovery mode and you want to recover the iPhone photos and export to your computer, you can use iFonebox to recover the iPhone photos to your computer selectively.

How to export photos from the iPhone which is in recovery mode?
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export photos from the iPhone which is in recovery mode My phone has gone into recovery mode, but I want to save my pictures before I restore it, what should I do? This is a asking-for-help post on apple discussions community.

According to the post, the customer values the iPhone photos the most, so we can try to help in regard of exporting all the iPhone photos and transfer to computers for saving or backing up.

As we all know, if you choose to restore your iPhone when it is in recovery mode, everything on your iPhone will be erased. If, there are something you want to bring off your iPhone, you have to steer clear of the restoring your iPhone.

Some people suggest to use the import utility to transfer iPhone photos from iPhone to computer. But you can export and transfer the iPhone pictures from your iPhone which is in recovery mode only on a Windows computer.

Today I am going to suggest a more secure way to export and save iPhone picture to your computer. That is to export with iFonebox which is professional and specialized iOS data recovery software. iFonebox can export photos on your iPhone selectively to computer whether you are using a Windows PC or a Mac computer.

You can download a free trial version to have a try but you need to pay for the full version if you want to export all the iPhone photos with the best iOS data recovery software successfully.

Now let’s get started with the details.

This guide is going to show you how to export iPhone photos from iTunes backup providing that you have created an iTunes backup file.

Step 1: Install and run the full version of iFonebox. Choose the recovery mode by hitting the tab of “Recover from iTunes Backup” and the interface of listing all the supported data category will be presented. Select an iTunes backup file from which you want to export your iPhone photos. iTunes

Step 2: Choose the photo to export and transfer to your PC by hitting on the icon for photos. step two

Step 3: Take a preview at the exported photos and choose whatever you want to transfer to your computer. restore_photos_recover
How to export photos from the iPhone which is in recovery mode?
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (82% score)

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