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How to restore videos from a frozen iPad Pro? Do you ever feel overwhelmed for this kind of trouble? Do not worry, take the following advice to retrieve videos from iPad Pro that stuck in Apple logo.

Help! How to restore videos from a frozen iPad Pro?
3 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (97% score)
retrieve videos from ipad pro that stuck in apple logo
I have a new iPad Pro that freezes up and does not respond to touch commands. After I fix it to normal state I lost all my data unexpectedly, is there any way I can get my data back, especially for videos? Thanks in advanced!

Have you experienced system exceptions on iPhone or iPad before? It seems unavoidable even if you comply with all rules or standards when you operate the iOS device. And the most common problem of system failures is device frozen. Stop panic, here're the solution that worth a way when you get in this kind of predicament:
  1. Force apps to quit first
  2. Restart or hard rest your iPad
  3. Charge your frozen iPad for up to one hour
  4. Restore your frozen iPad to factory settings
  5. Drop it off at local AASP for possible hardware problem

Instead of rescuing the iPad from a frozen state, retrieve data loss is equally important. How to restore videos from a frozen iPad Pro? I think iFonebox  is absolutely the optimum solution for you.

As a professional iOS data recovery software, iFonebox gains more and more popularity among iPhone or iPad users. Compared to traditional recovery modes, you're give three advanced working modes to get your deleted or lost data back. With iFonebox, you can retrieve only videos from iPad Pro  that stuck in Apple logo. What an amazing program!

If you thought iFonebox is only a great tool that get videos back from a frozen iPad Pro, you'r wrong. iFonebox is far more than a trustworthy iOS data recovery software, it is also an extraordinary transferring program. Assume that your iPhone 8 screen is cracked, do you have any idea to transfer contacts before sending it get repaired?  Definitely Yes! iFonebox is exactly the excellent software that help you get through the task without having to do so much.

Besides, we're always pursuing convenient and time-saving way to recover our data. iFonebox, an amazing software that is easy to use, and the following simple guide would simplify the process for you, which can definitely meet your demand. Download first before we get started!

Step One: Launch Program. Click Recover from iTunes Backup File, you'll see all backups you have listed in the interface, choose the most relevant with your lost photos, then click "Select" button to begin.
Recover from itunes backup
Step Two: Scan Photos in WeChat. It will scan automatically after you click the Photos icon, it might take your some time because the capacity of videos usually can't be ignored, and the duration depends on the amount of your data.
Mode one interface
Step Three: Recover videos. Now it's time to recover videos you desired to from backup, choose the items you want to restore and click the Recover to PC button in the bottom right corner of the interface.
Help! How to restore videos from a frozen iPad Pro?
3 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (97% score)

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