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This article shows how to recover iphone data with iFonebox when Mac storage is limited.

Recover iPhone lost data on a space-limited Mac
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Recover iPhone lost data on a space-limited Mac
“Once the software starts scanning it stops after a couple of minutes (around 4% of 5% of the scan) and after that does not do anything else and it does not show any file to select. I am using a MacBook Air version 10.7.5

This is one problem that our customer met when he tried iFonebox. After further communication, we figured it out. The reason that the scanning could not finish is due to the space limitation of the user’s Mac. When iFonebox scanning the device, it needs some temporary space to restore the data in your iPhone. If there is not enough space in your iPhone, you scanning could not finish.

Does this mean that you could not use iFonebox to recover your iPhone data when you do not have enough storage space on Mac? Of course not! As long as you could make backup in iTunes and have an external hard disk, you could recover iPhone lost data on a space-limited Mac. Let’s view together to see how to make it possible.

Note: In order to recover iPhone lost data on a space-limited Mac, you need to make an iTunes backup of your iPhone to an external hard disk first. Then iFonebox could help you to recover lost data on your iPhone, although the Mac space is limited.

Extract iTunes backup data which stored on external hard disk

Step 1: Choose iTunes backup file from external hard disk

After install iFonebox on your Mac, launch it and you will see an interface ask you to choose recovery mode. Here we need to choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” iTunes

Then the list of iTunes backup on your Mac will be displayed on the interface. As we need to select the backup stored in external hard disk, you need to select the iTunes backup file by yourself. Click the “Select” button to choose the iTunes backup stored on your external hard disk, then click “Start Scan” to start the scanning of the iPhone backup. step two

Step 2: Preview and Recover iPhone data

After the scanning, all the data of your iPhone backup will be listed one by one in the software by categories, including these deleted. Then you could preview the data you want to recover and then click the “Recover” button to choose the location you want to restore these recovered data on your Mac.
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Tip: If you want to transfer recovered iTunes backup data to device, the latest version of iFonebox can support toContacts and Notes.
Recover iPhone lost data on a space-limited Mac
6 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (94% score)

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