Distinguished features you should expect from iOS 9
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As the newest operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 9 was introduced at the WWCD 2015 ON June 8. iOS 9 mainly focuses on intelligence and proativity and brings subtle design changes, refined features, improved functionality, and performance enhancements. An iOS 9 public beta has launched with improved stability, a smaller download size and legacy phone and tablet compatibility. That older iPhone and iPad you have will work with this update if it runs iOS 8.

Apple doesn’t recommend you install the beta version of its upcoming iOS 9 operating system onto your everyday iPhone or iPad, but I would like to have a try at the first time and share some distinguished features that will come along with iOS 9.

1. Smarter Siri

Apple describes Siri’s improvements as added intelligence. If you think of it as the brains of your iphone, then you’ll get a better understanding of how you can use it. For instance, Siri can now remind you about emails, websites, text messages, and more simply by saying, “Remind me about this.” You can add a time or a place to the end of that request, and Siri will prompt you about that particular topic exactly at the right moment.

2. Multi-tasking Mode

With iOS 9, you can now run more than one app simultaneously on your iPad. But not all iDevice can do this. You need an A7 chip or newer to enjoy Slide Over mode (which displays a secondary app in a drawer on the righthand side), Split View (which runs two apps side-by-side — on iPad Air 2, only), or Picture-in-Picture mode. So, if you have an iPad Air or iPad Mini 2 (or later), enjoy. Otherwise, upgrade your hardware.

3. Faster Access to Apple Pay & Passes

With iOS 9 installed on the iPhone 6 you just need to double tap the home button to open your iPhone Wallet and use Apple Pay in a store. The new Wallet app also features support for store credit cards like Kohl's, JC Penny and more. Discover is also coming to Apple Pay this fall. Even though this sounds like a very small feature, faster access to Apple Pay is one thing we love about the Apple Watch, so it is nice to see the iPhone 6 get the same treatment.


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Distinguished features you should expect from iOS 9
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)