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How to back up iPhone without using iTunes or iCloud backup before update to iOS 9.1? If you have the same difficulty, this article is just what you need to back up your iDevice without iTunes or iCloud backup.

How to back up iPhone without iTunes or iCloud before update to iOS 9.1?
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My iPhone 6 is running iOS 9.1(13B143). Every time I try to backup my iPhone through iCloud, it tells me "ICloud storage not enough". And I try to backup through my Macbook's iTunes, it tells me "backup was corrupted blablabla...". Is it my iPhone's hardware problem or iOS 9's problem? Anyway to fix it? iPhone 6, iOS 9.1

When it comes to backing up iPhone or iPad with iTunes or iCloud, various problems will come like iCloud storage is not enough or iTunes backup is corrupted. So, how to back up iPhone without iTunes or iCloud before update to iOS 9.1? I think I have a method for you to do a full backup without using iCloud or iTunes.

As is known that when using iCloud to back up iPhone, you have just 5 GB free for the backup file, which may cause the not enough storage problem. If you are not familiar with iTunes, when you use it to back up your iPhone data, you may also erase data from your iPhone. This always occurs to our customers. If you are also encountered with the same situation here, luckily, we can offer you a new backup tool, iFoneBackup, to help you comprehensively back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod data, just as iTunes does, but it is more convenient.

iFoneBackup, which is a free backup software for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, is as easy as 1-2-3. Just one click, you can have a full backup for iPhone data like photos, contacts, messages, notes, apps, etc . Plus, you can also encrypt the backup data. One more thing, you can manually choose the folder from your computer you need to put the backup data in. Powerful and professional.

Download and install iFoneBackup on your computer firstly: Windows version. iFoneBackup for Mac is under test. It will come soon.

How to back up iPhone with iFoneBackup before update to iOS 9.1?

Step 1. Launch iFoneBackup. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
Step 2. Click "Back Up Now" button to start the backing up process. This process may take some time according to the data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Please be patient.
Step 3. Backup completes.
Tips: if you want to access and read those backed up data, you can use iFonebox to do it. Just run iFonebox, then choose Recover from iTunes Backup, click Select button to choose the backup data created by iFoneBackup.
How to back up iPhone without iTunes or iCloud before update to iOS 9.1?
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